Finding The Balance: Three Things Millennials Can Struggle With

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Finding the balance in life is important for everyone, but as millenials there are some particular issues we have to ocercome to achieve this. Here are just three examples.

Work hard, but find time to relax

We live in a very work-oriented world. We spend a massive chunk of our lives working, and so during our time off it’s important to relax. This isn’t ‘being lazy’ or even a luxury, it’s something that’s vital to good health and happiness. As millenials it can be particularly tough, even getting onto the property ladder is much more difficult that in past generations. In many cases, you need a degree just to be able to apply for good jobs so if you left school without one, you could be balancing study with work. There are more zero hour contracts than ever meaning work can be uncertain, and many millenials find themselves having to take on another job or a side hustle just to get by. We need to work hard to get to where we want to be, but it’s crucial to not burnout or let work overtake your life. Find the balance or you could end up with both physical and mental health issues. One problem many people can find they develop when they’re working too hard is lack of sleep or disrupted sleep. This can be incredibly dangerous, resulting in low mood, risk of accidental death and severe health issues later on. If you’re struggling, visit a sleep center to find out what’s wrong. Set time aside in your schedule where you can put your feet up and relax in whatever way you see fit. Whether it’s a hot bath, a spa day, a book or binge watching a series on Netflix.

Enjoy your money, but stick to a budget

We work hard to earn money and to live the kind of lifestyle we want. Often, it’s being able to afford the things we desire that makes getting up and grinding in the workplace every day worth it. But while it’s good to enjoy your money, it’s important to have savings goals too. Research has shown that most millenials have no savings towards their retirement and in fact, no savings at all. Whether you want to buy a house or just have some money behind you as a buffer, set a budget and set a savings goal and stick to it.

Be social, but value your alone time too

Research has shown that older millenials the size of social groups shrink and social meetups become less frequent. Coupled with work, care or other commitments, it’s difficult to stay social. Social media can often make the problem worse, with people opting for a message, phone call or video chat instead of socialisation in person. As humans we crave connection with others, it’s good for health and happiness to spend time with people we care about. Find the balance between spending time with others and your own alone time. Enjoying your own company is a good skill to develop as an adult, there’s not always going to be others around when you need them.

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