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First World Problems For The Distinguished Gentleman

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You might like to think of yourself as a dapper sort of chap. You like to moisturize, you take care of your skin, you don’t mind admitting your partial to a handlebar mustache or two, and you are more into fashion than video games. Some might label you as a twenty first century fop. You welcome this moniker with open arms. However, being a distinguished gentleman isn’t all plain sailing and certainly has its pitfalls. Take a look at these first world problems that any modern day dandy will have to overcome.

The Tweed

So, what will it be? Herringbone, Barleycorn or Houndstooth. The styles, patterns, and texture of the sorts of tweed you might be keen on having for your day jacket of choice can be never ending. For a more eccentric style, you may choose the overcheck twill tweed with its shock of orange to detail the plaid accents. For a more mooted look, you might opt for a barleycorn. The gray, beige and green hues can make for a classy look without risk of you looking like the local gamekeeper out for a pheasant shoot.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you live in the British countryside. If you would like to look like a local gamekeeper, consider tweed as your uniform – add a tweed coat or a jacket and a matching waistcoat. Don’t forget tweed shooting breeks and a good old tweed flat cap.

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While the hipster can get away with a vintage T-shirt, a worn out pair of Converse, some skinny Levis, and a retro denim jacket, you are after a more formal look. You attire needs to look sophisticated and have an air of elegance. While you could just head to the high street to pick up a swanky double-breasted jacket and trilby hat, it’s the detailing that can really lift your outfit. Consider learning how to fold a pocket square and pop a lovely patterned handkerchief in your tweed jacket pocket to accentuate your nod to nostalgia.

If you’d rather forego the tie and go for a more 1950s tuxedo look, make sure you know how to tie your bow tie. These small details can really help you stand out from the crowd, express your personality and show off your flair for fashion.

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For any distinguished gentleman, facial hair will inevitably play a significant role in your life. You might opt for the Tom Selleck-esque chevron look. If you have strong stubble and thick hair, this is a style that you could pull off. If you aren’t blessed with much thickness in your beard, a handlebar could be more suitable. You won’t need as much growth, and you could play around with the styling of the points at either end. You can go as large or as small as you like. No matter what mustache you choose, you must take care of your follicles in the same way as you would for the hair on your head. Opt for a conditioning wax that isn’t too greasy, and that is mild enough to use every day.

While hipsters might be enjoying the in look, the mod era is seeing a resurgence and retro is becoming all the rage, the sophisticated gentleman is still a strong style to contend with and master in the twenty first century.




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