Getting Back Out There After a Breakup

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A break up can be hard to face. Especially if you’ve been together for a long time. When you’ve decided to share your life with someone, they become a huge part of it. They are your other half. You see them all of the time, you consider their feelings with every decision that you make, and it can be hard to imagine your life without them. Then, suddenly, it’s over. You miss them being around. You have to learn how to live a different life and how to cope on your own. Everything changes and even the most civil of breakups can be hard to take.

Then, one day, you start to think about getting back out there into the world. Not just dating and moving on in that sense but rediscovering your social life as a single person. Socialising on your own, making time for your friends, and doing things for yourself, without having a partner to consider.

Draw a Line

It can be hard to move on if you are still clinging on. We hear a lot about closure, and it’s hard to understand what this is until you’ve found it. You can find yourself stuck trying to cling on to your old life, not quite wanting to move on because that means facing up to things. But, drawing a line is the best thing that you can do. Let yourself grieve for your relationship and your old life, and then, let it go. Speak to Leading Divorce Solicitors if you need to, think about moving to a new house and anything else that you need to do to move on.

Make New Friends

It can be especially hard to get back out there into the world when all of your old friends are still in couples or settled down. Especially if they are also friends with your ex. If you are used to doing things all together as a couple or find that your old friends don’t have as much free time as you, it can be tough.

While it’s important to maintain these relationships, and hold on to close friendships, it can also be a good idea to make new friends. You can make new friends online, or by joining local groups and classes.

Do Something for You

When you are used to be a part of a couple, it can be hard adjusting to life on your own. So, try to see it as a positive. Start doing things for yourself, just because you want to. Take a class, join the gym, try a new hobby or learn a new skill. Go out for dinner or to the movies on your own. You could even go on a holiday or a spa break on your own. These are all great ways to make new friends, but they are also fantastic ways to start enjoying your own company, to discover more about who you are now, your likes and your dislikes and to start to become more confident in your own skin.

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