High Blood Pressure Causing You Issues? How And What To Do About It

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Our block pressure is something that we can often not even think about in day to day life. We can just go about our days, living our lives, and then all of a sudden we can become unwell and our blood pressure can either be man indicator something isn’t right, or even be the cause of it.

Life can get hectic at times, and sometimes the stress of life can be the biggest tip of the iceberg when it comes to our health and well being. We can feel out of control, all over the place and generally not ourselves one minute and totally fine the next. Life isn’t always going to be rosey. Our health, however, should be a big priority for us when it comes to taking care and ensuring that we live our best lives. If we have good health, then we can be deemed as being wealthy, as so many people struggle with issues these days that can be life limiting, cause it to come to an end, or indeed make mobility and other aspects of your life more difficult. It is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. Your blood pressure is a big indicator of health issues, and I wanted to share with you some of the things that can cause a blood pressure readings to rise, as well as other aspects of your health it can effect. If anything I hope that it reminds you to take better care of yourselves during the rollercoaster that is life.

What causes high blood pressure?

You may be wondering what could actually be causing the high blood pressure, and often there are many different answers. It could be a situation you find yourself in where there is added strain on your body, excessive weight for example or even things like pregnancy in women. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the common causes, it may even help to explain why your blood pressure is rising, and allow you to combat things sooner rather than later.


Stress is such a big factor in many people’s lives. It can be something that is caused from the job that you do, maybe it is caused by the way you think about certain situations or the circumstances you find yourself in. From a struggle with finances to worrying about your relationships, there are so many different factors that if you are feeling stressed it may be difficult to decipher exactly what is causing it. Stress can lead on to other issues in your life such as anxiety and even depression, so if you are spotting the signs of stress and notice symptoms of the mind as well as a rising blood pressure, try and take some time out to figure out what is causing it, in the hope that your can start to make some positive changes.


Would you believe that smoking can actually be a cause of high blood pressure. So many people associate smoking with the risk of diseases in the lungs or cancer, but it can actually cause your blood pressure to rise which in turn puts pressure on other aspects of your body. If you do believe that you want to change the habit and kick it for good, there are so many article sonline to help you get started. But a great step is to speak to your doctor and get some general advice on the next steps to take.

Being overweight

Being overweight is a common cause of high blood pressure and it goes back to what we were saying earlier about the added pressure on your body. Your extra weight can cause the organs in your body to work extra harder which can cause your blood pressure levels to rise. Your doctor should be advising you if there is a risk of this, and it could lead on to other issues such as diabetes as well as heart disease.

Lack of physical activity

A lack of physical activity can also be a big factor insisting blood pressure. Not only does a lack of movement cause issues with your weight, but it can also mean that your fitness levels are not as they were, which in turn can mean that you are putting more pressure on your body to function normally. Focusing on just dig more active is a great place to start with this.

What health concerns can be caused with a high blood pressure reading?

So you may be more in tune with what is actually causing the high blood pressure, but what about the negative effects of it once it occurs. We don’t realise that some of the added pressure we put on our bodies can cause it to break down, and irreversibly cause more harm than good. I wanted to share with you some of the problems that could occur if your blood pressure rises. Hopefully making you aware of them will enable you to take stock of what you can do to change.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue with your hands, fingers and wrists. It can cause you to feel problems with tingling sensations, numbness and pain, which can be quite uncomfortable. This is when different therapy for symptoms of carpal tunnel could be very beneficial. It can be extremely uncomfortable to endure, and your rising blood pressure can be a big cause of it.

Issues in pregnancy

High blood pressure can actually be a big issue when it comes to pregnancy, it can be leading sign of preeclampsia which can actually be very dangerous to your own health as well as your unborn baby. If these signs are monitored, you may find that you could be induced early.

Heart attack

This might be an obvious one, but a high blood pressure can actually be really bad when it comes to your heart. It is the extra pressure that is placed on your heart which could cause you to suffer with a heart attack. A heart attack can be fatal, so you may want to think about monitoring your blood pressure to ensure there is no impending issues moving forward.

Vascular dementia

A high blood pressure can also be detrimental to your health in other ways. It is obvious that your heart might be affected but it can actually be a cause of vascular dementia. It has much to do with the blood flow to your brain and how it is affected, and dementia can be a long term disease that tends to affect the elderly for memory loss and remember,entering how to do day to day things.

Kidney issues

Finally, your kidneys may also be affected when it comes to your blood pressure, and so you may want to think about how this could be caused. Your kidneys take a lot of fluid from the blood to filter through the fluids in your body, and it takes a lot blood vessels to do so. Over time, the high blood pressure can cause arteries around the kidneys to narrowe, which then affects the function of the kidneys themselves.

Keeping your blood pressure low or what is deemed as normal for you is essential, and often your lifestyle can play a big role in that. A good diet, eating the right things and exercising regularly can really help you to live a healthier life, and indeed be more mindful of how you feel moving forward. I hope that highlighting this will help you be more aware.


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