How Preparation Can Make Beach Trips More Enjoyable

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Most people enjoy a day at the beach because it’s a good way to unwind. However, whether you go for the day or on a two-week vacation, preparing for the trip can make it more enjoyable. Here are some tips for preparing for a beach getaway.

Protect Your Feet

To prevent injuries while at the beach, have everyone wear sandals or swim shoes while in the water. Pollution on beaches is a problem throughout the world, and all manner of things can wash up on shore. Keep your feet safe by always wearing protection on them.

Be Able to Recognize Riptides

If you and your family will be wading or swimming in the water, be able to recognize riptides. When a riptide is present:

  • There will be a channel of water that is choppy and churning.
  • Foam, seaweed or other debris will float out to sea.
  • The incoming waves will break before landing on shore.
  • There will be different color water in the surf zone.

Knowing the signs of a riptide can save lives because you will know where not to be in the water.

Be Aware of What Beach Flags Mean

Get to know the meaning of the flags on the beach. Each flag color or colors have specific meanings. They are:

  • Yellow flags mean Medium Hazard. Weak swimmers should not be in the water due to the currents.
  • Red flags indicate a High Hazard. Strong surf conditions or currents are present, and anyone entering the water needs to be careful.
  • Red over red flags means that the water is closed for public use.
  • Purple flags indicate the presence of pests like jellyfish, sea snakes or other marine life that can cause minor injuries.
  • Red over yellow flags identifies a swimming area with lifeguards.
  • Black and white quartered flags identify an area where watercraft could be present.
  • Yellow flags with a black ball in the center show that watercraft, including surfboards, are prohibited.
  • Orange windsocks indicate offshore winds and that inflatables should not be in the water.

Find the Best Beach Toys

Whether you want to buy a shovel and pail for your toddler or a game for teenagers, you’ll need to know what the hottest toys and other finds are for the beach. Go to BeachRated to find out what to get for the beach and read their reviews to see which beach items are the best to buy.

Pack Snacks

With the energy your family uses playing on the beach, they will get hungry, and the heat will make them thirsty. Pack snacks like grapes, cheese cubes, small crackers, and baby carrots. Also, bring water and juice.

Freeze the drinks, so that they gradually thaw in the heat and won’t be too hot to consume.

Put Devices in Baggies

Try to leave most of your family’s electronic devices at home, but if you need to take your smartphone, keep it safe by putting it in a clear plastic bag. Push the air out of the bag before closing the seal.

It will keep both water and sand from ruining your phone, MP3 player, or other devices. You can also use baggies for your sunscreen bottles and put them in the cooler with the drinks. It will prevent the sunscreen from liquefying because it will be kept cool.

By preparing for the beach, you can prevent injuries, know what is going on in the water, and have fun by knowing what items to get and to take with you.


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