How To Choose The Right Bicycle For You

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Choosing the right bike is no easy feat as many people wrongly assume. Of course, you will only realize this when you go to buy a bike. If you have been riding the same bike for years and you now feel the time has come for an upgrade, gear up and read this to the end. With information, choosing the right bicycle should not be too hard.

Choose a bike that will suit your needs

There is no need of choosing a rugged, expensive mountain bike if you will never go off the beaten trail. Likewise, you cannot choose a road bike for mountain biking. Consider your needs for a bicycle and then choose one according to them. If you like going off the beaten path every now and then but still want a bike to ride around the neighborhood or go for a road trip, buy a hybrid bike. This one is a crossbreed between mountain and road bike, giving you the best of both worlds in one package.

A mountain bike is built for the rugged outdoor trails. It can also be used on the paved roads. A road bike is made for speed, and for riding around the city. Lastly, there is a cruiser. It is built for casual riding. If exploring city streets is your prime goal, you can simply choose from one of the best city bikes for sale.

Buy a gender specific bicycle

Do not make the mistake of assuming that all bicycles are equal. If they were, then we would not have women’s and men’s bikes. They are defined by gender for a reason. Men and women have different physiques. For example, men have broader shoulders and women have narrower shoulders. Thus, men’s bicycles have larger handlebars. Such a bike would be quite uncomfortable for a woman. If you are a lady, buy a woman’s bike and vice versa.

The number of gears

With time, bikes have become more sophisticated and they have more gears, unlike the earlier bikes which had ten speed gears only. Today, it is possible to even find a bicycle that has 27 gears. However, do not just opt for any bike on sale. You have to keenly consider what you want to do with the bicycle. A mountain bike should have as many gears as possible. Climbing a mountain requires you to engage low gear for more power. If you live in a fairly flat area and you never go off-road with your bike, you do not need many low gears on your bike. When you need a bike for beach cruising, you can choose from these 3 speed beach cruisers for sale.

The size of the wheels

The most common wheel sizes for bikes are 700c and 650c. Depending on how tall you are, you can choose your bicycle accordingly. Unless you are exceptionally short, say, less than 5 feet 3 inches, or maybe you are buying the bicycle for your young son or daughter, just go for the 700c.

The suspension

The more rough terrains that you will take your bike to, the more or the heavier the suspension you will need on the bike. Suspension will absorb the shock from the trails, making the ride a bit bearable for you.

A mountain bike will have a shock absorber at the back and a front fork for absorbing shock. A hybrid bike just needs the front suspension system which makes the ride smooth and saves your wrists from taking a beating when riding on a rough road. If you will never go off the paved roads, there is no need for suspension because it adds extra weight which means you have to pedal extra hard.


When you buy a bicycle online, you will find a chart for sizing. This ensures that you buy a bike that will fit you nicely. An ill-fitting bicycle will be very uncomfortable, as you may have to stretch or stoop too much. Apart from the wheel size, which we have already discussed, you also need to consider the frame size. It is important to buy a bike that has an adjustable seat so that you can raise or lower it according to your needs. Always make sure that your arms have a slight bend at the elbow when you are holding the handlebars.

Frame material

The price of your bike will be determined by many things, but the biggest factor is the material. The most expensive bikes have their frames made of carbon fiber. They are light in weight and this enhances their speed. Advanced riders choose bikes with carbon fiber frames. Other bikes are made of steel, which is heavier but gives a stable ride. Lastly, you may also consider an aluminum frame bike. It is light and more affordable than a carbon fiber bicycle.



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