Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue brings Lone Star tradition to Flatbush Ave.

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Deep in the Heart of Brooklyn

Morgans Executive Chef Cenobio

To old school New Yorkers, barbecue is something you do with hamburgers and hot dogs in the back yard or at the beach on summer weekends. For people in Brooklyn, the word “barbeque” has traditionally been a verb. This is not so in Texas (or most of the U.S. south of the Mason-Dixon line). To American southerners, barbecue is a noun and a style of food preparation that’s a deep source of pride for those who master the art.

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue in Prospect Heights, mere blocks from Barclays Center seems to be working hard at changing how the New York foodie defines barbecue by bringing its Texas-style steaks, brisket, ribs and a variety of other tasty menu items to the table.

“It’s really a little taste of Texas in Brooklyn,” says Executive Chef, Cenobio Canalizo who explains that maintaining the Texas style, smoking preparation is of paramount importance at Morgan’s. It’s all about how its prepared

“Our main smoker is from Texas,” Chef Cenobio explains. “Because of that, everyone in the kitchen knows exactly how to smoke wings, pork ribs, sausages, steaks and other menu items to perfection.”

It’s not just the quality of the meat itself that makes Morgan’s a standout, though fresh, prime meats are key. The smoking process itself is what brings out the flavor and texture to the fullest and to that end, the most important element is time.

“Each steak is smoked for 20 minutes and cooked to temperature, and if it’s medium rare, we cook it for another 12 to 15 minutes,” he says. “Brisket takes 13 hours. We put it in the smoker at 8:00 pm and it’s not ready until the next day.”

The results are amazing flavor and tenderness and meat that doesn’t require a hearty steak knife to cut and literally melts in your mouth.

Morgan’s has a full menu of barbecue items that also includes a variety of side dishes and desserts that pair wonderfully with the main course irrespective of which main course that might be. Undoubtedly, Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue is transforming the New York understanding of the term by putting its Lone Star quality on the pallets of every customer.

Be sure to put Morgan’s on your agenda the next time you cross the bridge to Brooklyn. You won’t be disappointed.

For more info, visit them on line at: www.morgansbrooklynbarbeque.com


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