Serious Style: Everything You Need For A Wardrobe That Means Business

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If you have a job that requires you to dress smartly, it’s essential to ensure that you look the business. If you’re looking for style tips for a new job, or you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe for the new season, here are some essentials to tick off your list.

White shirts

White shirts are the gold standard when it comes to a smart dress code at work. Of course, you won’t want to wear a white shirt every day, but it’s always useful to have a selection available, as they go with every type of trouser. You can wear plain, neutral shirts with patterned or plain colored trousers, or printed accessories, for example, ties and pocket squares. The fit is key when it comes to buying new shirts. You want a style that compliments your physique and feels comfortable at the same time. Try a variety of shirts on before you buy. There’s such a huge variation in sizes and cuts, and you may find that it takes you a few attempts to source the perfect shirt. If you’re required to wear formal attire, have a look at sites like Comfy Clothiers and invest in a shirt stay. This handy gadget will ensure your shirt looks pristine throughout the day. In the winter, you could also consider adding a waistcoat.

Stylish suits

If you’re required to wear a suit every day or from time to time, it’s crucial to find a style that fits you perfectly. Today, there’s a vast array of designs on offer, and you can choose from regular, slim or skinny fit. Most people tend to opt for a slim cut, which flatters the body without being overly trendy. It’s important to understand the difference between dressing for a night out and getting ready for a day at the office. The best thing to do when shopping for suits is try on a range of options. If you find that you nothing off the rails is quite right, investigate tailored suits.

Formal shoes

When you’re dressing up for a meeting, you don’t want your shoes to let your outfit down. Match your footwear to the rest of the ensemble. Brogues and pointed formal shoes work best with suits, while loafers may be an option for smart casual dress codes. When you’re trying trousers on, it’s best to wear your shoes so that you get an idea of the overall look, and you can check that your trousers sit properly. Black shoes are a staple that go with most outfit options, but it’s also a good idea to have a pair of brown, gray or tan shoes to wear with navy or charcoal trousers.


Once you’ve got your basic smart wardrobe, you can inject interest and personality with carefully-selected accessories, such as bags, ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. Opt for subtle tones for formal occasions and brighter colours and prints for more relaxed scenarios.

If you mean business, it pays to dress well. If there’s a smart dress code in your office, or your job requires you to look the part at all times, hopefully, you’ll find these styling tips useful. It’s worth making sure you get the basics right before you add a touch of flair and creativity.



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