Signs You’re Ready to Commit To Your Partner

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Relationships aren’t easy. You’re not even 100% sure who you are, yet you’re supposed to be intertwined with another person? It’s a big ask. Yet despite the difficulties, people succeed. There are around two million weddings each year in the United States alone; that’s some four million people who are sure they’ve found the one for them every single year! But how do you know that you’re ready to commit to your beloved? We take a look at some telltale signs below If you find yourself nodding your head at the points we make, it’s likely that your search for your lifelong partner has come to an end.

You’re Your Best Self

We’re act differently around different people in our lives. When we’re around our childhood friends, we might act a little bit sillier than we usually would. When we’re at work, we’re super professional, and so on. If, when you’re with your partner, you think that you’re the best version of yourself – as in, the version of you that you like the most – then that’s a pretty good sign that they should be a keeper. If they lift you up and inspire you to be and do more, then you’ll know you’re unlikely to veer too far off piste with them by your side.

Similar Values

Getting on like a house on fire is a good sign, but it’s not everything. Two people can have a stupendously fun time with one another, yet still not be right for each other in the long-term. Why? It all comes down to values. As you get older, your values and beliefs will take on a greater importance. If you’re in sync on, say, the way you think people out to live or raise children and so on, then that’s a reasonably good sign that you’ll avoid some of the headaches that couples often experience further on down the line.

The Differences Can Be Bridged

You and your partner are supposed to have differences. Life would be awfully boring if everyone were the same! So don’t be concerned if you begin to notice small differences in opinion. What does matter is whether those differences can be bridged. For example, if a couple had radically different views on how their children should be educated, then that’s a problem. If they both support rival sports teams, then that’s not a problem so long as each person puts the love for the other before their love for their team. Differences can be celebrated, not a death-knell for the relationship!

Wedding Details Excite You

Perhaps the biggest heads-up that you’ve found the one you want to be with forever is your increasing excitement about weddings. Attend a wedding and begin imagining your own wedding day with your partner? Get lost in a daydream about wearing a halo style engagement ring? Listen to a song and think that it’ll make for a good first dance song at your wedding? All of these are signs that you’re beginning to subconsciously believe that your partner is the one you want to grow old with.

The Future Is One

People’s differences become more pronounced as they get older. When you’re, say, thirty, everyone’s more or less in the same boat: but when you get a little older, the decisions on where you live, whether you have kids, and the rest really come to the fore. Before you commit to your partner, it’s imperative that you know that you and your partner agree with these big decisions. If they share a vision of their future and it’s one that sounds just as appealing to you, then thinks will be more likely to run smoothly. If you think they’ve lost their mind, then you may have problems.

Financial and Culture

Deciding whether to commit to someone should be all about love, but this is the real world, so, alas, it’s not. Two big, additional factors include finances and culture. If you earn similar amounts of money and have the same approach to spending, you’ll avoid many of the arguments that cause so many other couples trouble. The culture of the two people is important too – backgrounds count for a lot in life!

You Just Know

Finally, and not to get too soppy, but: you’ll just know. If you look over at your loved one and can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else, then the search is over. It’ll be a feeling of pure contentment and love that you won’t be able to ignore.





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