Steps You Can Take to Become More Eco Friendly

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Are you looking for ways to become more eco-friendly? Protecting the environment has become a major goal of World leaders, as issues such as Global warming start to become a real concern.  Ecoy has developed many eco-friendly bamboo products.

However, while there’s a lot of talk about how we need to pull together to reduce carbon emissions and make better environmentally-friendly choices, many people have no idea how they can help. Here, you’ll discover some of the steps you can take to become more eco-friendly.

Choose eco-friendly teabags

Did you know that the teabags you’re using may not be as compostable as you might think? The majority of tea bags sold today, are actually only 70%-80% biodegradable. This is due to plastic propylene which is typically used to heat-seal the teabags.

Switching to 100% biodegradable teabags can do wonders for the environment. It’s estimated by the UK Tea Infusions Association, that 165 million cups of tea are drank each day in the UK. If the majority aren’t fully compostable, this means they could be having a significant impact on the environment.

Commit to using less water

Water is something we tend to take for granted in the UK. All we need to do is turn on the tap and we have a reliable, constant water source. However, you might be shocked by how much water you’re actually wasting each day.

Showering and brushing your teeth are two ways you could be wasting a lot of water. Sticking a bucket in the shower to collect the water as it’s heating up is a great way to reduce waste. You can use the water that would otherwise have been wasted, to water your plants. When brushing your teeth, you can also avoid wasting too much water by turning the tap off as you brush.

Invest in a fuel-efficient car

If you want to really commit to being more eco-friendly, investing in a more fuel efficient car could be the answer. Newer models tend to be built with better fuel-efficiency these days. Other great tips are to switch to a smaller car with a smaller engine size.

It may seem like a major expense, but you can check out car supermarket sites such as FOW, to find the cheapest deals.

Consider going veggie for one day a week

When you’re looking to become more eco-friendly, changing your diet isn’t one of the first things you think of. However, the University of Oxford discovered through research, that if humans were to switch to a vegetarian diet, they could lower their carbon footprint by up to 73% If you can’t cut out meat completely, even just switching to one meatless day a week could help the environment.

These are just a small number of ways you can become eco-friendlier. As you can see, it’s often the smaller changes which make the biggest difference.

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