Take It Easy on a River Barge in Italy

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Can you imagine cruising on lazy Italian canals early in the morning and then disembarking on warm cobblestoned streets for some fresh breakfast frittata? This can easily be your reality on a spectacular barge cruise through Italy! It’s a perfect way to explore this amazing country for the first-timers or a chance to see Italy from a new perspective for some more experienced travelers. So, make the best use of these few last days of summer and embark on a beautiful Italy river and canal cruise! Benvenuto!

What to do?

The best thing about barge cruises is the relaxation. This is a true vacation away from all the noise, hustle and bustle of the modern world. Relax as the beauties of Italy lazily go by you while you enjoy a glass of best Italian wine. However, don’t just stay on your lovely barge the whole time! Most cruises stop several times every day, so you can explore little picturesque towns, grab a bite and just enjoy the atmosphere. In Italy, especially in Venice, you’ll get to see many amazing palaces, cellars full of history and amazing wine, museums and galleries. However, when you get tired of exploring, you can always go back to your barge, kick your feet up and enjoy Italy from the water.

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Why Italy?

During your cruise, you’ll have several excursions that you simply can’t miss. Seeing as how your barge journey starts in Venice, make sure to visit the Naval Museum and get a bit more familiar with water transport of Italy. After all, you’ll be spending a week on board, so it makes sense to learn a bit about the Venetian naval tradition! You’ll also get to see many tiny lagoon islands and palaces of Venice, Mantua and Ferrara. Also, this is the perfect way to celebrate certain significant dates in your life, so don’t hesitate to check out barge hire options and spend your romantic canal holidays in Italy with your better half and rekindle your love! Italy truly is the country of love, passion and bohemian lifestyle—make sure to exploit it for your pleasure! Eat, drink, love and be merry!

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What to eat and drink?

The food is definitely one of the best things about barge cruises. First of all, you can enjoy all of Italy’s best specialties prepared by amazing chefs right on board. Think regional delicacies like different types of lagoon seafood and fish like cod and pilchard, traditional Italian risotto, polenta, various types of cheese and many other mouthwatering dishes. Of course, wine is the key part of the Italian lifestyle, so expect to taste some of the best vino in the world and learn a lot about it. Even the pickiest of wine drinkers will find something they adore! On the other hand, if you wish to have your meals and wine tastings on terra firma, your barge makes plenty of stops for you to enjoy tiny local restaurants and have tasting tours of wine cellars!

Image 4 – Milano, Italy, Source

How can I hop on?

Most barges start their adventures in Venice, so this is definitely the easiest way to embark. The best time to cruise the canals of Italy is between March and October when the weather is very pleasant and sunny. In the spring and summer, temperatures go from 15 to almost 30 degrees, so it’s perfect for spending time on deck, catching a tan and just enjoying the view. Most barge cruises last for about seven days, so your Italian cruise will not take up all your vacation time. You’ll have plenty of time for other adventures after you experience this ultimate relaxation cruise or finish your holiday with this chill trip and return to your normal life refreshed and revitalized!

Image 5 – Venice, Italy, Source

The seven days that you’ll be spending on board will fly by like a warm Mediterranean wind! Luckily, there’s always next year and new barging adventures, so expect to come back to Italy for another cruising holiday!


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