The Facts & Myths About Spa Robes

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Of all the luxurious home necessities to have in your house today, spa robes seem to rank high up the list for most people. And with a good reason for all the comfort and relaxed sensation, one feels while putting one on. Spa robes have taken the market by storm and look like it is here to stay for many more years. Who wouldn’t want to wiggle into a warm soft, cozy, and extremely comfortable robe after getting out of a swimming pool or even shower? And most times, you realize that people instead put robes on and feel the free wind brush through their bodies. And a good number of spa robe users would almost never wear clothes while in the comfort of their homes especially after taking them off.

But, as with all good things in life, spa robes also come with their own misconceptions which play a significant role in shifting people’s perception of them. You need to be careful and well-researched to be able to tell the difference between the facts from the misconceptions. Otherwise, you will also end up being caught in this tangled merry-go-round of what is true and what is not.

Facts about spa robes

  1. Not all spa robes are heavy

Many people tend to think that all spa robes are heavy. But the truth to this is that you can also find lightweight spa robes if you look enough. You are not necessarily restricted to the heavy spa robes. You can also search for the light- or middle-weight ones. Go for the spa robe whose weight suits you and the one that you feel most comfortable in.

  1. Spa robes come in different shades and colors

Most people, especially the ones who have never used spa robes before, tend to believe that they are always just one color, white. The truth, however, is that you can find spa robes in a variety of shades and colors. Most people usually perceive spa robes as being white since it is mostly the white ones that are always pictured in spa advertisements. That, however, does not mean that they don’t come in other colors. There is a wide array of shades and colors of spa robes that you will find the moment you step into the retailing store.

  1. Spa robes are unisex

Both men and women can enjoy the luxurious effects of the spa robes. In as much as it is the women who usually go to the spa or even buy spa robes, they also make great men accessories. And that is why spa robes are some of the best gifts that you can get for a couple. They are also fit for any occasion. You will never go wrong gifting a beautiful spa robe for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, etc.

  1. Spa robes can be worn in other places other than just the bedroom

These robes are not restricted to the bedrooms and spas only. You can also wear them in many other places and for different reasons. Spa robes, for example, make great accessories to wear over a bathing suit when visiting a hotel swimming pool or going to the beach. Spa robes are also the perfect wearables for relaxing on your deck.

  1. Spa robes come in many different styles and fabrics

Yes! Spa robes come in different styles and materials too. Some are made from wool while others from, cotton, synthetic, fleece, bamboo, etc. You have a wide variety of spa robes to choose from based on the type of fabric that they are made from. They also come in different styles to cater to different people’s preferences and tastes. This is another bonus for why spa robes make for the best gifts for almost every occasion. You can get the heavy robes with high insulation capabilities for during the cold seasons or the lighter ones for the warm and hot seasons. And the style is entirely up to you.

The myths and misconceptions about spa robes

Below are some of the false claims and ideas that people have about spa robes that may end up discouraging them from purchasing them. You may have heard of some of these myths from friends or family members. Others may be thoughts in your head. Plus, you also find that some of these myths are the complete opposite of what the facts are. But today, this article will set the truth free and debunk the most common myths.

  1. Spa robes are women’s clothing

Nothing could be further from the truth. As mentioned above, spa robes are unisex, and you will find that a good number of men also wear spa robes. Men can as well rock these luxurious clothing accessories as the women.

  1. Only the older males can put on spa robes

Go to a spa or an exclusive resort and see for yourself. You will find younger men also rocking these exclusively soft and comfy robes and looking good. If you have refrained from buying or using a spa robe thinking that it is meant for the older males in the society, then you have no idea know what you are missing out on.

  1. All spa robes are heavy and meant for winter

If you do enough research on spa robes, you will find that they come in different types and weights. Different spa robes are made using different fabrics and materials. And that affects their weight and insulating abilities as well. This means that it is very easy to find the right robe for the right occasion. Spa robes also come that are best for the summer periods. You only need to get the right one. So, not all of them are as heavy as you might have thought in the first place.

Final thoughts

Spa robes are great home accessories and provide even better options for gifting friends, relatives, and spouses. Do not let some of the myths mentioned above cloud your judgment. Do ample research and look for the right spa robe for the occasion and enjoy every bit of comfort you can get from it.

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