Things You Didn’t Know Were Illegal When Driving

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It is unfortunate, but many motorists are driving around without knowing what is and what is not illegal. There are the obvious laws that everyone knows, but there are also many lesser known ones which are important to know so that you can avoid being pulled over and also so that you can be a safe and responsible driver. Here are a few of the things that many motorists do not realise are illegal.

Flashing Lights to Give Way

A large percentage of motorists will flash their lights to give way as this is a quick and easy way to do so, but it could actually be considered a driving offence if an accident occurred from it. You should only flash your headlights to warn drivers of your presence on the road so consider this the next time you are allowing other drivers through a gap.

Overtaking at Pedestrian Crossing

If you are approaching a pedestrian crossing on a multi-lane road with the lights changing to green and a vehicle is already stationery there then you must not overtake this car. This is because the stationery vehicle could be concealing a pedestrian that is already on the crossing.

Parking on the Wrong Side at Night

You should never park on the wrong side of the road at night because this is a risk of dazzling. Dazzling is temporarily blinding other motorists due to your headlights, plus your rear light reflectors will not be visible once you’ve left the vehicle.

Using Mobile as Sat-Nav in Unfixed Position

There are many laws surrounding mobile phone usage in an automobile. One which some motorists are unaware of is that it is illegal to use a phone in your hand to follow a map. Instead, you must use it in a fixed position ideally on the dashboard so that it is clearly visible and so that you do not have to hold it.


There are various car modification laws in place to make sure that you adhere to safety standards. Modifications to the performance are risky and you will need to make sure that any modifications that your vehicle has are allowed. If shopping for a used car, you should always buy from a reputable second-hand dealer like Unbeatablecar to make sure that any illegal modifications are removed so that it is legal and safe to drive.

There are many driving laws that a large percentage of motorists are unaware of, with the above being the most common. It is important to be aware of these laws as they could cost you in terms of points on your license or a fine, but also so that you can be a safe and responsible motorist.

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