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TAORAY WANG sets the bar high at New York Fashion Week.

It seems a bit simplistic to apply the “East meets West” label to the designs of Wing Tao. Yes, she was trained in fashion design in both her native China and in Japan and has seen great success in Asia. And yes, the Western market first experienced her line at NYFW 2014, and she has received high acclaim in her work ever since. But it would be inaccurate to buttonhole her TAORAY WANG brand under the notion that it merely brings Eastern design to a Western fashion market.

More accurately, Wing Tao incorporates a fusion of design who’s tailoring, use of fabric and scope of market is essentially global in reach and appeal. There can be no mistaking the underlying Eastern cut, lining and silhouetting of her collection, but her work is nonetheless, multi-cultural, appealing to the strong, professional woman who is unabashedly self confident without sacrificing the least bit of her femininity or her desire to sexy. There is no race, ethnicity, or nationality in a TAORAY WANG outfit, and that’s essentially the point.

In the world in which we live, women live bolder than they have in the past. They are educated, worldly, and have a knack for adventure and trying new things, all of which are captured by Wang Tao in a way that largely sets fashion trends rather than merely following them.

While TAORAY WANG, ready-to-wear has been available in Shanghai and Beijing, 2018 saw the opening of a SoHo, Manhattan store and expectations are high given the overwhelmingly positive response from the fashion press and from consumers to boot. There’s no question that Want Tao has taken a global approach, not only in her design, but in her entire business model… and it seems to be working.


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