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September has once again brought such delight from the Big Apple, showing off New York Fashion Week SPRING/SUMMER SS19 collections of trending styles in fashion.

Inspiration from the best collections shown and How-To recreate these hairstyles are now readily available to you.

50th Anniversary Show for RALPH LAUREN

Hair Lead : Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau
Inspiration: “Effortlessly luxe and classically Ralph,” Palau says on his inspiration.

How-To: Begin with clean, freshly dried hair. Apply a heat protectant styling polish to the blow dry and protect hair on blow dried hair in 1” sections. Once hair is fully dried and cooled, run fingers through it to give a sense of ease.


Hair Lead: Guido Palau
Inspiration: “The Tory Girl is confident. She’s a little uptown and a little downtown.” Palau says.

How-To: Begin with clean dry hair. Use a wide tooth comb to comb back hair around the crown and towards the back of the head. Moving in 1” sections, apply a quarter size amount of volumizing mousse to the crown of head and shape with a wide tooth comb, leaving baby hairs out. Then set the hair with clips tightly around the ears to hold the look and allow it to dry. Once hair is dry, run a blow dryer over the style and remove clips. Using your fingers, fluff up the baby hairs around the hairline for a softer look.


Hair Lead: Great Lengths Senior Design Team Director Nanci Lee Rudolph and Executive Artistic Director Dawelle Keasling
Inspiration: Using extensions create a soft, natural, lived in look to highlight Zoe’s collection.

How-To: Section hair below the occipital bone and use a finger brush to section hair 1” from the hairline and 1/4-1/2” away from the scalp and apply Great Lengths Style Tab Tape -In Extensions in a brick lay pattern. After blending the extensions in, create loose  3 -strand braids in organic sections all around the head. Using a flatiron, apply light pressure with a tapping motion from top to bottom of the braid. Once braid cools , separate with fingers. To top off the look, add detailed braids on one side of the head.


Hair Lead: Tammy Mixon , CHI global artist
Inspiration and How-To:  Natural and Airy texture with no definition, just hair that moves freely and naturally beautiful.


Hair Lead: Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes
Inspiration: “ The hip, modern, young woman went on vacation to an exotic isle, and now she’s back in the concrete jungle and still has her vacation glow.”
Hugh says. It complimented the clothing designs perfectly, and contributed to the designers story of a confident and strong woman.

How-To: Use a curl control mousse to add direction and hold to the top of the hair for the faux wet look. Use fingers and a wide -toothed comb to create striations through the hair. This will enable a lift at the top.


Hair Lead: Danillo
Inspiration: “It’s all about a simple silhouette,” Danillo says.” It’s a very simple look and moderately inspired by Elizabeth Taylor but with a modern shift.

How-To: Pull hair back in a tight ponytail to add lift, and a dark hairpiece attached on top of head. The hairpiece doesn’t have to match the natural hair color, this look was purposely done to help modernize and keep it from looking to formal. Smooth any baby hairs out with a mascara wand. Once complete add a woven headband to cover seem between the natural hair and the headpiece.


Hair Lead: Frank Rizzieri
Inspiration: “This is not about going to a bar and choosing something from the menu. Having girls look exactly the same is completely counter to the message of the brand, says TIBI Designer, Amy Smilovic.

How-To: It’s very DIY hair, so imperfect straight hair with barrettes randomly distributed along the length of the hair. Use a texturizing product to give a little grip to the hair.


Hair Lead: Oribe Director of Training and Content Kien Hoang
Inspiration: “The girls are coming in and out of night clubs” says Hoang. “ A little bit of how Brooke Shields of the 80’s wore her hair. It bounced and was a little bit more care free.”

How-To: The Look is curly with a roughed up texture. To achieve the look, use a heating wand in a horizontal direction and create figure 8’s in an unstructured manor. Afterwards, flip hair over and to the side to add volume. Use Oribe’s Mystify, a heat resistant styling spray to help develop this look!


Hair Lead: Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman
Inspiration: On his inspiration for the look Souleiman says “ I believe that true craftsmanship should be invisible. I want the hair to honor the collection , it’s a new glamour, one that marks back to the 90’s but is very current.

How-To: Use a flatiron to achieve subtle texture for a refined 90’s inspired look.


Hair Lead: Oribe Director of Training & Content Kien Hoang
Inspiration: In order to mimic the seven chakra colors, Hoang twined to the free spirited vibe of Summer camp and recreated a tie-dye effect in the hair using bright colored wefts.

How-To: Prep the hair with Oribe Foundation Mist and Restyling Spray before adding soft braids and pinning each braid in a figure- 8 pattern. Then remove the braids and gently flat-iron the hair, lightly clamping down on each section. Last add previously prepared wefts to the head and finish with Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray.


Hair Lead: Oribe Director of Training and Content Kien Hoang
Inspiration: Inspired by Disney Villians, Hoang appealed to both the model and the villian she was impersonating by creating classic ponytails with vibrant ends that corresponded to each villian’s signature color.

How-To: After Prepping the hair with Maximista Thickening Spray, slick hair into a high pony and smooth with Star Glow Styling wax. Then flat-iron the ponytail in small sections for a super sleek look before attaching colored hair extensions and cutting thick layers with a razor.


Nicole Eventoff can be regularly found working editorial, fashion designer campaigns and runway for New York Fashion Week. Nicole has recently launched “Hair Jewels by Nicole Cyrese”. The brand is built around the vision that every woman deserves to feel like a fashion icon.

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