When ‘What Am I like’ Becomes ‘Who Am I’: The Serious Side Of Forgetfulness

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For many, the words Alzheimer’s and memory loss are too terrifying to consider. While physical decline is an unavoidable with age, we aren’t as willing to lose our minds. So much so that we consider every other illness before we settle on this. What could be worse, after all, than losing your sense of self?

It’s this fear and our lack of knowledge which lead us to ignore warning signs when it comes to memory loss. One major factor to bear in mind is that memory loss should not be an inevitable part of aging. The brain can produce new cells regardless of age. While we all have forgetful moments, increases are a sure sign things aren’t right.

If fear has kept you from accepting that you forget more than you used to, it’s crucial you move past that. There may be any number of reasons for your forgetfulness. Even after diagnosis, individuals like Wendy Mitchell are a testament to the fact that you can maintain a decent quality of life. With home-style retirement communities like focusing on memory care, there isn’t even any need to worry about the later stages of this condition.

That leads to the question of when you should worry about forgetfulness. The odd forgotten day probably isn’t anything new. You might have always slipped over your words. So, how do you know when forgetting gets too much?

Frequently forgetting words

Often, forgetting words is the first sign of trouble. It’s also something most of us do on a regular basis anyway. Hence, this first symptom is all too easy to miss. The thing to remember here is that you know what’s normal for you. If you find that you’re at a loss for words more often than usual, it might be time to visit a doctor. If there’s no problem, this will at least put your mind at ease. Even booking a repeat appointment in six month’s could help track changes and settle the issue. If you really don’t think that’s necessary, you could always head to sites like and do some checks on yourself. That way, you’ll have a better idea whether you have a problem or not.

Forgetting how to do simple tasks

While word slips are pretty commonplace, forgetting simple tasks is not. As such, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help the moment this happens. It may be that you forget how to pay bills. Or, maybe you draw blank on that meal you’ve made by heart for thirty years. These are sure red signs because of how different they are from your norm.

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Forgetting moments of forgetfulness

Perhaps the most worrying early sign of all is forgetting when you’ve forgotten. For obvious reasons, this is a tough issue to track. By speaking to loved ones, you should be able to judge whether you’re forgetting forgetful moments. It’s essential you visit a doctor the moment you notice something like this. Only then can you take action towards dealing with things.

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