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10 Decor Ideas For Your Next Holiday Party

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When the seasonal euphoria starts setting in, you know it is time to start decorating. However, if you have never done some serious décor for a holiday party, you may find it a bit daunting. Whether you have a small or large space, there is no reason why you should not decorate for your holiday party. You can simply search for the best event rentals near me and pick a décor rental with wide variety of event furniture and other decorative items. Here are some unique décor ideas you may love for your next holiday party:

Decorate With More White Than Usual

It is all snowy outside and you should match that with a similarly colored décor inside. A splash of white near the fireplace can do wonders to the interior décor. If you live in a small apartment, white can create an illusion of space but be careful how you do it so it does not appear overwhelming. White is going to make the interior space feel crisp-clean and will increase illumination.

Frugal Is Always Good And So Easy To Do

Many people tend to overdo their holiday party décor and in that case, it looks so overwhelming. Sometimes, less is much better. So remember the KISS –keep it simple stupid rule, and you will not regret it. A small tree, candles here and there, a splash of snow-white on the couches and you are just about done with your holiday decoration.

Size Is Very Important

The Christmas tree is one of the most important décor factors for the holiday season. It can make or break the décor. It should be the right size. If you have a low ceiling, a short Christmas tree will do perfectly. If you have a high ceiling, a taller Christmas tree will do very well.

Try To Match The Existing Color In Your Living Room

Color clashing does not always work well as it makes some things to stand out more than the others. When you match the Christmas decorations with the colors that you already have available, things look more fluid, as if they are flowing into each other. It does not matter what kind of interior color you have, maybe it is not even a holiday color. Don’t sweat it. Easy does it, just go with the available color scheme.

Metallic Sparkle Is Great

Holiday decoration work well with metal touches indoors. If it sparkles, captures the light and tosses it about the room, so much the better! Silver and gold colors work well, and they add a touch of glamour that makes a cheap room look luxurious. Try gold colored curtains, a silver endowed Christmas tree and see how it turns out.

Try A Simple Mix And Match Scheme

Mix and match can make the interior décor of a room fly. However if it is not done right, it could turn out to be a bit overwhelming. Try a color mix of blue cushions on a gray couch, or blue and white cushions on a gray couch. That is simple and very beautiful too.

Green And Pink Colors Work

In addition to white for the snow, adding a dash of pink and green here and there inside makes your party room look glamorous and chic. This color combination looks even more appealing than red, but it has to be done right. Pink striped cushions on white couches will look so beautiful. Green Christmas tree with pink and white bulbs will look so out of this world.

Try Out Of The Norm Candleholders

This is a good time to bring out the old champagne bottles if you have not thrown them away. Use them as candleholders and set them at intermittent places in the party room. They add a subtle effect that is so unique and flows with everything else in the room.

Rustic Always Works

If you have an old country table, bring it out. Holiday season is the perfect time to go rustic on your holiday décor. Set the table before the fireplace, light up the fire and then add a Santa hat somewhere, probably drape it over the fireplace. Rustic décor is always simple, but it has a unique kind of classiness that cannot be matched. If you are from San Francisco, California, you can find quality event rentals San Francisco to avail extraordinary rustic décor items.

Let The Chairs Look Christmassy Too

The table gets its centerpiece, the corner gets the Christmas tree and the couches get a dash of color. Only the chairs look so drab, but they don’t have to. Add a small green wreath at the back,  with a white, red or pink ribbon.


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