4 Ways Drivers Make Owning A Car More Expensive

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“God, isn’t the cost of owning and running a car expensive? Why can’t manufacturers and insurers and the government do something?” Let’s face it – we think this way because we want to blame anyone but ourselves. Sure, insurance companies and dealerships and legislation could make owning a vehicle cheaper, but this way of thinking omits one thing.

That thing is that we have free will and don’t rely on anyone. With the right moves, a driver can slash the expenses in half. The key is to stop doing the things which add to the overall cost. Below are four for your information.

Not Shopping Around

Car insurance is one expense you can’t bypass. Driving with it makes it illegal and you can be fined or sent to jail. And, coincidently, the price for most policies is by no means cheap. It’s as if the companies understand they have your short and curlies in the vice. Well, they don’t thanks to comparison websites. In the past, you had to call every provider and get a quote whereas now you can find the cheapest one with the click of a button. Never assume your current deal is as good as it gets. Shop around for the best bargains.

Driving Recklessly

And that doesn’t only mean speeding and tailgating the motorist in front. Yes, they are more likely to end up in a collision, but so can relying on the car’s features. Lots of drivers nowadays park or back up without looking; instead, they wait for the beep to tell them when they need to stop. It’s fine when the tech works but it’s a lot harder when there is a malfunction. Not being alert and doing the basics can result in getting legal help because you’ve crashed and need a lawyer. Of course, legal fees only add to the running costs.

Misusing The Garage

How do you misuse a garage? The answer is by not parking the car inside it. Why wouldn’t the car be in the garage? It’s because homeowners use it as an extra space for their property. Some people like to convert it into a new bedroom and add to the retail price while others prefer a gym. There are those who use it as storage, which is ridiculous. Parking the car on the street might be costly regarding parking fees and security. Even if it’s free to park, it isn’t safe out in the open. Oh, and the policy might be void if you don’t inform the insurance company.

Buying Cheap Features

You need new tires so you buy the least expensive rubber possible. It seems like a perfect solution because the faulty part gets replaced and you don’t break the bank. Sadly, it only adds to extra expenses in the future when the cheap and nasty tires start to degrade. Although it’s pricey in the beginning, it’s better to buy quality replacements which last.

Are you guilty of any of the above? Can you do more to make owning a car less expensive?

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