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5 Days of Fashion: Looks for Everyday of Your Week

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In college, you probably learned that nobody judges you if you show up to your 8:00 a.m. lecture in sweatpants and a messy bun. But in the workforce, you’ll find that style (and the constant maintenance of it) is actually a dealbreaker for many companies, even those outside of the fashion and beauty industries.

It’s an unspoken rule that you should dress well to the office every day. Some controversy has arisen in recent years over the studies indicating that women who wear more makeup to work are paid better than those who opt out. Few women can actually afford the required wardrobe based on their current rate of pay, despite their employers’ expectations. This is why many stylists work on paring down their clients’ wardrobes to a few staple pieces that can be used again and again in novel ways.

Whether you’ve just landed your first post-grad job or you’re heading back to work after a few years of pyjama-clad freelancing from the comfort of your bed, here are five tips from capsule wardrobe experts on how to look great every day of the work week.

Monday: Nobody feels like getting out of bed on the most dreaded day of the week. Mondays call for simplicity. We love the idea of a simple black blazer with a white blouse, paired with your favorite practical boots or mules. The best lip color for a Monday morning, especially if it’s a dreary or overcast day, is bright red. With an equally dark roast to jolt you into alertness right before work, you’ll feel prepared to tackle your email inbox.

Tuesday: With the work week fully underway, you can avoid feeling overburdened by your responsibilities by adding a touch of softness to your wardrobe. A feminine and professional aesthetic can put you in the right mindset for even the most mundane of board meetings. A sleeveless blouse made of satin or light chiffon can be dressed up with a grey blazer or cardigan, depending on the season. A coral lip color is ideal for a Tuesday at the office.

Wednesday: Hump Day calls for a white blouse and black pencil skirt, paired with black heels. Put your hair in a low bun, swipe on some soft pink lipstick, and get ready to tackle those business calls you’ve been putting off. Dressing nice is psychologically proven to boost your confidence and increase your contentment. That is to say, even a malfunctioning printer won’t seem quite so frustrating if you feel you look good.

Thursday: With the weekend quickly approaching, it might be time to add a touch of office-appropriate edge to your outfit. Wear skinny ponte pants in black and a pair of leather loafers with a simple cotton tee. If your office is more lowkey, this might be the time to bring out your favorite leather jacket. Red lipstick is a requirement for any Thursday that seems to be lagging too long, so keep your favorite brand stashed in your purse for emergency reapplications.

Friday: You’ve made it to the end of the week! Finish well by donning your best casual Friday outfit. If your office allows jeans on Friday, this would be the time to show off your best faded denim, paired with a low chunky leather boot. A soft cotton T-shirt with a boyfriend-cut blazer ties the look together. If something so casual is a complete no-go at your office, short dresses are an acceptable option. Wear your most subtle lip color and draw attention to your eye makeup instead. This way, if you’re headed out after work, you can easily switch from your day to night look in the Uber.

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