5 Gift Ideas Any College Student Will Adore

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What better way to celebrate a college student’s success than by sending a useful and heartfelt gift? But knowing exactly what to give a college student is harder than it sounds. Finding a gift that’s useful for a young adult can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully we’ve rounded up 5 gift ideas that any college student will adore.

Keep reading to learn more about these cool gift options.

1. Coffee Box Subscription

We all know that coffee and college is a match made in heaven. From long nights of writing papers, studying, and maybe a little bit of partying, there’s nothing that gets a tired college student out of bed quicker than a strong cup of coffee. But, for a not-so-financially-balanced young adult, buying coffee everyday can be quite expensive.

If you know a college student who could use a pick me up, consider gifting them a coffee box subscription. When you order from coffee subscription services, the company sends a variety of roasts to your student’s door each month for a pretty affordable fee. Some of the top coffee box companies include:

  • Driftaway
  • Bean Box
  • Angels Cup
  • Coffee Crate

A coffee box subscription not only ensures that your college student has access to delicious coffee throughout the month, it also gives them a chance to try roasts from around the globe, including exotic beans.

With coffee delivery services, you can give a monthly gift that keeps on giving. In turn you can know you’re doing your part in ensuring your student is awake and prepared for classes each day!

2. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are multi-purpose for college students, but what’s most important is the absence of wires that can get in the way and make maneuvering from class to class a headache. Headphones are great for college students who prefer to study when listening to music. Wireless headphones are also beneficial for college students who record lectures and want to listen to them when studying or writing a paper.

You may want to consider looking into noise-cancelling headphones as well. These are helpful for college students who share a dorm with others who may be noisy at times!

These days you can find wireless headphones available in a wide range of prices. Some are available for as low as $15! Before purchasing, be sure to read reviews and determine if your college student prefer ear buds or traditional headphones.

3. USB Rechargeable Power Bank

From smartphones to tablets to Bluetooth speakers, college students use all sorts of battery-powered items on a daily basis. But, rarely is there an outlet available everywhere they go. To ensure your college student has the ability to recharge on the go, a USB rechargeable power bank is a convenient and usable gift.

With a USB rechargeable power bank, any device that uses a USB cord can be charged. These batteries are often really small and are a breeze to carry around. You can find these products in electronic stores as well as online.

4. Fitness Tracker

We’ve all heard of the freshman fifteen, and if you’ve been to college, you know just how hard it can be to stay fit. From eating fast food often to not having enough time to exercise, it’s easy to pack on the pounds and lose sight of your health. With a fitness tracker, your college student can keep track of their daily activity. These tracks keep tabs on how far a student walks along with their sleep pattern.

A few of the most trusted fitness trackers include:

  • Fitbit
  • Moov Now
  • Garmin Vivofit
  • Samsung Gear

With a fitness tracker, you can have peace of mind that your college student has a handy tool to keep their health in check throughout the college year.

5. Multi Charging Station

If you think a single USB power bank won’t be enough for your college student, consider purchasing a multi charging station. These charging stations allow a student to charge many devices at the same time. Some stations allow for up to 5 devices! A charging station is ideal for a college student who shares a dorm room with other students, which means traditional outlets are likely hard to come by.

You can find these products in electronic stores as well as online. Shopping online you’re likely to find more variety and cost savings.


Buying a gift for a college student isn’t easy, especially in today’s world where trends and likes change every single day. These 5 gift ideas are sure to impress any college student in your life, plus they’re useful and will enhance the student’s college experience.

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