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6 Ways to Impress Your Friends

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Looking to get a bit more street cred among your friends? Hey, we’re not one to judge. Even if you’re not one for keeping up with the Joneses, you still probably appreciate when your friends pull out their instruments, cook an amazing dinner, or show you their impressive garden with which they’ve been feeding their family. Wondering what your own strengths are? They’re probably already there but haven’t been tapped into for a while. Need some inspo? Read on for six ways to impress your friends.

Throw a Dinner Party

We’re not talking about throwing out a bag of chips and a case of beer and calling it a night. That was okay in college but it’s time to grow up and throw an adult dinner party. Have some fun with it. Consider making it a theme, like a Mexican night … as if you need an excuse to throw a party. Hop on Pinterest and set and decorate your table accordingly. You don’t have to decorate, per se, but some brightly colored napkins and flowers will go a long way in supporting your theme.

As this Real Simple article notes, you want to set the tone from the start. “As guests arrive, keep them happy with quesadillas, chips, and guacamole washed down with lemonade or sorbet margaritas,” the article suggests. If you think you’ll still be working on dinner at that point, consider making the margaritas ahead of time so guests can serve themselves. Whether you do this buffet style or serve your guests is up to your discretion. End the night with an adult piñata (filled with tiny bottles of booze!), and guests will be talking about this soiree for years to come.

Create a Music Visualizer

An online music visualizer creates dynamic shapes that dance and move in time with the music you’re playing. This would go well with number one, as guests can enjoy your stunning presentation that’s on in the background as you mill about in the kitchen. If you are particularly proud of what you created, you can download it and share it on sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

Take Up Music

This goes well with numbers one and two! Are you sensing a music theme here? Have you ever been to a party and had someone sit down at the piano for a good old-fashioned sing-along? There’s nothing better, right? You are never too old to learn something new. Whether it’s voice, piano, or dance lessons, get some confidence in your performance of choice and surprise your friends with your new talent.

Get Political

If you’re prone to complaining on social media about things that don’t coincide with your politics, your friends might think that you should actually do something about it. And you can. This is particularly easy if it’s an election year, as candidates need all the help they can get. Find one that is worthy of your support and help out by canvassing your neighborhood, hitting the phone banks, or sending postcards. Your friends will be impressed that you decided to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.


This is a win/win, as it will not only impress your friends but you’ll be doing something positive in your community. Much like with politics you simply need to research a cause that means something to you. From volunteering with hospice patients and volunteer tutoring to holding premature babies and working with dogs at a shelter, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Change Your Look

This isn’t just about a makeover (although if you need one, go for it). It could be more about being braver than you’ve been in the past about your fashion choices, hair styles, and the like. Perhaps your friends will call it a midlife crisis but they’ll more than likely be impressed that you’re allowing your inner fashionista out in a big, bold way. Get an adventurous haircut or rock some pink hair. Get that tattoo you’ve been longing for since high school. Pull out that military jacket you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet for fear that you can’t pull off something edgy. If you don’t feel brave at first, act as if. It will eventually catch up to you, and your buddies will wonder who this new fierce friend of theirs is.


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