Achieving Natural Beauty In Not-So-Natural Ways

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Once upon a time, cosmetic procedures were all about being loud and proud. A boob job wasn’t complete unless everybody could see those silicone implants. Let’s be frank; fake was sexy. But, those days are behind us. Now, even those of us who seek cosmetic surgery do so with natural beauty in mind. Far from being about parading the plastic, we seek procedures no one else recognizes. Plastic surgeons are forever working to make our new boobs look as realistic as they can be. Even botox providers realize that clients don’t always appreciate the ‘permanently surprised’ look.

We say this is a good thing for sure. At the end of the day, plastic surgery is a personal decision. For some, it’s the only way to reach real body confidence. That’s a cause any woman should be able to get behind. But, we somewhat do away with these benefits when we make plastic surgery visible. U.K. model Katie Price Katie Price are fantastic examples of this. Far from boosting her confidence, her gg breasts caused so many issues that she’s embarked on nine reversal operations.


We suppose that really, this new belief that natural is better comes down to that old self love chestnut. Cosmetic procedures should be things which make you feel better about yourself. You don’t need to shout loud to achieve that. Quiet and understated is nearly always better. That way, you can learn to love yourself without anyone else knowing much different.

The only trouble is, plastic surgery is somewhat of a risk. We’ve all heard and seen the horror stories of what happens when it goes wrong. Even if you intend to keep things natural, a misunderstanding could lead to a visible alteration. That’s why we have some pointers which can help ensure you achieve the not-so-natural, natural beauty of your dreams.

Do your research to find the right provider

Whether you’re going all out with surgery or looking for a botox provider, it’s essential you do your research. With a surgeon, you should look out for both qualifications and patient testimonials. Make sure, too, to research reviews on more than just their website. It may be that searching elsewhere uncovers horror stories you’d never find otherwise. If you’re looking into botox, it’s less likely you’ll be able to discover stories in quite the same way. Still, make sure you’re looking our those who have the correct  botox training and experience behind them.
You may also find that you can search out some individual reviews to help you make up your mind. Make sure, too, that you don’t settle on the first person you find in either field. Each professional will have a different way of working. Even a botox provider with glowing reviews may be a little too heavy with the needle for your liking. Now, it is possible to seek out specialists who focus on a more natural appearance. This is what you want, and you should keep searching until you find it.

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Keep things minimal

With procedures like these, nothing’s more important than the saying that less is more. It should be evident that the more extreme you go here, the more obvious these alterations will be. In the name of the natural look, then, make sure to keep work to a minimum. Get botox injections in critical areas rather than trying to get rid of every line. Go up a breast size or two rather than skipping five. And, whatever you do, stand your ground. The professional of your choice has a financial incentive to push you to get as much work as possible. The more you agree to, the more money they make. That’s business, and the best surgeon out there will probably operate the same way. Hence why someone could go in for a nose job and end up agreeing to a complete facelift. Not exactly the natural image you were going for. The critical thing to remember is that you should stick to your guns. Don’t let a professional coax you into work which isn’t necessary. Know what you want before your appointment. Focus on that rather than allowing yourself to get sidetracked with further work which will look more obvious.

Keep conversations open with your provider

It’s also crucial that you develop a decent and trusting relationship with your provider. This is essential for both your peace of mind and achieving the natural end goal you so desire. Your best chance of doing this is to keep the conversation open. Don’t be afraid to speak out about what you want and why you want it. Explain a little about your confidence issues, and your ultimate desire for something which makes you feel better about your body. Go into detail, too, about the ins and outs of your insecurity. Even if you have to call up and book consultations after your initial meeting, do it. It’s through interactions like these that your provider will come to know exactly the image you’re after. The more idea they have of that, the less chance there is of you ending up with an obvious alteration you never wanted.

Work from examples

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Speaking of being clear about what you want, it’s also worth taking along examples if you can find them. It may be that you know of a celeb who had a nose job precisely like you want. Or, perhaps you know someone who gets botox which doesn’t look over the top. Either way, being able to take along photographic evidence could be a massive help to you. It certainly ensures you don’t picture subtle slopes while your surgeon imagines a vertical drop. No matter how open your communications, language can only take you so far, after all. You may both assume you’re on the same page while being on entirely different sides of the map. Pictures remove that space for ambiguity. If you want to be 100% certain of a natural outcome, then, these could be the way to do it.

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