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Adidas X DBZ, “Son Goku” & Frieza

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The Adidas X Dragon Ball Z collaboration is here and ready to take the stage as fans have waited over a year for the release to come to life.

Dragon Ball Z is known throughout the world as one of the most iconic and influential anime franchises. 90s babies can think back to racing home from school just see what happens on the newest episode or even picking up the newest magna at their local bookstore. The series follows Goku and his friends as they protect earth from evil villains and monsters who often want nothing but the Dragon Ball’s. The Dragon Ball’s are seven mystical orbs and when gathered together they summon the powerful Dragon Shenron who can grant any wish. Adidas continues their domino effect of 2018 with a collaboration with DBZ. Fans were first teased with this release back in December of 2017 and the time is finally here for the first two models to be released and pandemonium has begun. Adidas is said to be releasing the models in sets featuring two characters who had significant battle within the series. The first set of releases will feature the series most iconic battle between Goku and Frieza.


Adidas ZX 500 RM “Son Goku”

The first model is the Adidas ZX 500 RM featuring the series star character Son Goku. Goku has been staple in the series and is known for his iconic orange and blue ki that he wears. The model features an orange upper, blue accents, and a full length boost midsole that is identical to Goku’s uniform. Goku is also known for riding his cloud known as the flying Nimbus which can be seen on of the side of the model. On the back of the model Goku’s iconic sign that is often seen on the back of his uniform is also placed on the back of the shoe.

Adidas Yung-1 “Frieza”

The second model features the Adidas Yung-1 and the series most iconic villain Frieza. Frieza is known throughout the series as the heartless villain and one of the  most well known characters of the series. Adidas incorporated his purple and white colors into the Yung-1. The model features a white upper with purple accents that resembles his evil persona.

Both models will release this weekend on September 29th and will quickly fly off the shelves. Don’t feel heartbroken if you miss out on these two stellar models. Adidas x DBZ will be releasing four other models featuring more of the iconic characters of the series. Stay tuned for more news on the next few models as their power levels will be over 9,000!







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