Building Confidence Before That Oh So Important Date

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“Argh, I have no idea what to wear! What will he think when he sees me like this? God, this is going to be a disaster!”

There’s a good chance the sentence above won’t seem unfamiliar. For the most part, it’s how the majority of women have felt at some point in their dating life before meeting a guy. Pre-date jitters are something we all experience and, usually, they’re harmless. However, a lack of confidence can impact everything from your body language to the conversation and ruin the evening.

To avoid this, you need to be the most confident version of yourself, and here’s how to do it.

Be Outfit Conservative

A fantastic first impression is the key, and there’s no better way to hit the nail on the head than to make his eyes boggle! But, trying to find something which tows the line of being sexy without being slutty is tough. Even if you have the perfect outfit, part of the brain will find flaws which make you second guess it. The process leads to you not being comfortable the clothes you wear on the date. Rather than panic about it, opt for a conservative style for the first date. Think about the things which are disastrous – sweating – and tailor the clothes for that purpose.

Don’t Stress About The Admin

Will you pay or will he? Should you split the bill? What if he buys the food and you pay for the drinks? All good questions, but they’re as easy to answer during or after the date as they are beforehand. Your date might want to pay for everything because he wants to be chivalrous, which negates all of your worrisome questions. Don’t stress about the small things that won’t have an impact on your chemistry or sense of humor or overall compatibility. For those who want to thrash out the details, you can message each other beforehand and ask.

Go Through The Convo

Okay, so you don’t want to plan the evening’s fun in advance because there’s nothing less sexy than organized fun. Still, it’s important to have a few questions in the chamber in case the conversation dies a little bit. Think of them as catalysts to keep the date running smoothly. Talking about work and hobbies and traveling are perfectly acceptable, but you might want to stay away from politics. If talking to men in general is frightening, chat line numbers with free trial 60 minutes can help build up your skills. Rather than seeing it as sad, think of it as practice before the big day. When in doubt, you can always ask a friend for tips and convo starters.


Hit The Gym

The best thing you can do is to forget about it (to be read in a New York/Italian accent). Overanalyzing the date and how it might or might not go is a sure-fire way to start stressing. So, going to the gym and working out can keep your mind free while releasing mood inducing hormones. Others like to listen to music and chill.

It’s your date, so the choice is yours; whatever works best for you personally.



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