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DIY Minimalist Design Guide: How to Make More Out of Less

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Famous for its no-frills approach, minimalist design gives a polished appearance to any room. It provides classy elegance, that looks effortless.

But what truly defines minimalism? Is it cold, industrial, sparse interiors? No, it doesn’t have to be.  Minimalist design is “distinguished by superior materials that give the impression of an apparently moderate luxury.”

Popularized in New York City in the late 1960’s, minimalist design is known for the use of sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, neutral shades, and metals. This design style offers a modern, fresh answer to traditional, over-wrought styles, in an elegant, subdued manner.

Do you want to make more out of less, and love clean, decluttered, straight lines? If so, minimalism may be the design style for you.

Minimalist Design Basics

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You can easily create a DIY minimalist design by using quality items that have clean, straight lines. There are a few basics to minimalist design, which should be followed to achieve the look.

Here’s a Breakdown of Minimalist Design Basics:

— Make more out of less. In minimalist design, it’s important to have a few great pieces, versus filling a space with a lot of stuff. One floor lamp with clean lines is perfect to light this room.

— Use simple lines. Keep the angles clean and straight, as this gives the streamlined look.

— Maintain a color scheme. Think coordination and sophisticated elegance.

Let’s look at a colorful example of minimalism, as seen in this beautiful living room by britdotdesign. Clean lines are accentuated with geometric elements, which execute the polished look we expect from a minimalist design.

The use of a neutral color palette keeps the room flowing seamlessly, creating a sleek environment. The Sphere Floor Lamp completes the minimalist design look with its muted globes and luxe, metallic tone.

Source: Britdotdesign

Focus on Function

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a minimalist design in your space. From table lamps to floor lamps, there are plenty of styles that work to create the minimalist look you want to achieve. Function and form are both important, as minimalist design calls for the streamlining of both.

As you select your furnishings, remember to choose elements that complete the task they need to perform, while providing an artistic touch that doesn’t overwhelm.

Choose minimalist design pieces that appear as though they were made to function together, and that gently maintain their own space. In the living room below, the furnishings definitely make an impression, but they do so by taking up minimal space while providing an understated impact.


Source: Restoring Home

You can recreate the same look of minimalist design elegance using a floor lamp, as seen in the gorgeous living room below. The Orion floor lamp captures the perfect minimalist design touch in this lovely, beachy living room.

Source: Brightech

Here, the look is one of minimalist design with a coastal palette. The blue, grey and beige color palette resonates throughout the room, and pulls everything together.

The eye is drawn to the clean, simple, understated beauty of the floor lamp, which in turn shares the show by reflecting the blue tones of the artwork and landscape. All of the furniture plays its part by contributing with neutral tones and clean, sleek lines.

Keep It Simple

The use of stark black and white adjacent to a palette of earthy browns pulls this minimalist home together. Besides that, the geometric designs give a simple, sleek look for this airy and classy space. Minimalist design requires a marriage of balance and simplified beauty to form and function. So it’s key to keep things simple by continuing themes of color throughout the room.

When designing your minimalist space think sleek, simple, and decluttered environments. Furniture should have straight lines. Natural materials like wood, metal, and stone are excellent elements to use for counter surfaces, tables, and light fixtures, like floor and table lamps.


Neutral tones with a futuristic glow define this minimalist home designed by M3 Architecture. This living space is bright, airy and streamlined in the most minimal way.

The furnishings are simple, yet comfortable and functional. Also, although the tone is monochromatic, this minimalist room still feels warm and inviting.

The continuity of the color palette creates a peaceful, calm and collected feeling to this interior. While the floor and table lamps quietly steal the show, they do so with understated glamour.

Replicate this look in your DIY minimalist design project with the Sky LED floor lamp.

Source: Brightech

By embracing minimalism and simplicity, we can create surroundings that not only look good but also feel better to be in. Most all of us feel better in environments without clutter, and minimalist design helps eliminate it.

Enjoy Your Minimalist Design

These minimalist interiors are so sleek and smooth there’ll be no room for junk to accumulate! One of the best parts of adopting minimalism in design is it contributes to a cleaner, less cluttered environment, while naturally eliminating messiness.



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