Enjoying Fishing and Your Boat

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Fishing is a wonderful hobby, and there are nearly as many different ways to fish as there are anglers. You can fish while standing in a moving river or fish from shore — or, as so many do, you can fish from a boat. A boat can really change your fishing experience, so if you’ve never considered fishing out on the water, now’s the time.

How fishing from a boat differs from other types of fishing

Why fish from a boat? How is it different from fishing from shore or while standing in the shallows?

The primary difference, of course, is that fishing from a boat can give you freedom. When you fish from the shore, you’re limited to fishing spots along a narrow stretch of beach. When you have a boat, the water gains a new dimension. Instead of moving just left or right along the shore, you can now move in any direction on the water to find your next fishing spot.

Fishing from a stationary boat

Many of these new fishing spots will offer you different opportunities from those that the near-shore shallows do. Getting out into the middle of a larger body of water means being able to fish in deeper waters. With the right equipment — such as sinkers and floaters — you can adjust the depth of your baited hook. Since different fish live, breed, and eat at different depths of water, you’ll be able to expand the kinds of fish that you can pursue in a way that just wouldn’t be possible on the shore.  Don’t forget about your boat equipment, too. You’ll need a good boat anchor to keep you steady in one place.

Trolling for fish in your boat

No, we’re not talking about trying to get a rise out of someone on the internet — though that slang term for baiting internet users does likely owe its etymological roots to the practice of trolling for fish. Out on the water, trolling means dragging a baited hook along in the water, enticing fish with a moving target.

Anglers on the shore can make their bait move by jigging their lines a bit or reeling the hook in, but boats make it possible to create more movement with ease. By moving the boat itself (with you and your rod on it, of course), you can drag your line and your hook behind you.

Of course, trolling only works when you are going the right speed and when your boat is quiet enough to not scare the heck out of the fish. That’s why you’ll need a trolling motor, say the pros at Newport Vessels. These specialized motors can be lifted out of the water when you’re using your regular outboard motor to get around fast. When you’re fishing, you can lower the trolling motor back into the water and use it to troll for fish. You can learn a great deal more about trolling online.

Fishing in deep water from a boat

Some types of fishing, like deep-sea fishing, are only possible when you own a boat. Without a seaworthy vessel to get you out far from the shore, true ocean fishing is impossible!

You can sign up for deep-sea fishing trips on chartered vessels, but dedicated deep-sea anglers will want to check out ocean-going boats for sale. With the right equipment, including a boat and a strong fishing rod designed for huge fish, you could catch tuna, salmon, and even sharks.

Getting more out of fishing

This is hardly an exhaustive account of fishing from boats, of course. You can fish from boats as diverse as canoes and yachts. Larger boats can be used for deep-sea fishing, while smaller boats are perfect for lazy days on smaller bodies of water. But no matter what type of fishing you dream of, it’s worth considering adding a boat to your toolbox. The right boat can make fishing more fun and easier.

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