Fashion Brands Taking the Internet by Storm

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Fashion fans can find a huge number of different brands competing for their attention online, so it’s easy to keep your finger on the pulse and stay up to date with the latest trends from around the world.

To make things even simpler, here are a handful of the most innovative and influential fashion brands that are making waves on the world wide web at the moment.


Built around ideals of female empowerment and comparative affordability, this millennial-focused brand has entered the mainstream over the past decade.

As you might expect from a modern organisation, Missguided (click here for available Groupon discounts) also sources its materials and produces its clothes with a close eye on the ethical side of these processes; a topic which has been tackled by industry stalwarts recently. That means you can buy from this brand with confidence and a clean conscience.


For men and women alike, ASOS is the perfect place for cost-conscious fashion to be found, providing clothing across every conceivable category and edging out the competition with its inexpensive prices.

At the moment it’s very much harking back to the 90s with its range of retro-inspired outfits, but it’s perfectly possible to find pieces that are a little more timeless on its site. It is even branching into boundary-breaking approaches to design, diversifying its offerings by working with teenagers from different backgrounds.


Big colours, bold prints, cutting edge accessories and seasonally relevant site sections help to make Boohoo one of the most interesting and exciting fashion brands currently operating online.

As well as serving both male and female customers with the latest clothing trends, it also has a comprehensive beauty section where customers can snap up makeup, applicators and other associated products without breaking the bank.


Hailing from Japan, this brand has risen to prominence thanks to its online presence, but is also changing the game in the bricks and mortar market.

It’s definitely a brand for anyone who’s not that into the more outlandish trends that dominate some other outlets. Instead it offers plenty of well made products which combine blocks of colour and avoid over-use of intricate patterns and garish hues.

Another advantage of Uniqlo is that it caters to children and even babies, so it’s a good one-stop-shop for people who want to buy for themselves as well as for the rest of their young family.


This brand is actually part of the Boohoo empire, but skews towards the upper end of the market, with celebrity endorsements helping it to gain a wide following since it first hit the scene back in 2012.

Evening dresses, seasonal wear, shoes and accessories are all offered. It also has an excellent presence on social media, as well as supporting body positivity campaigns and a range of other right-on projects which show that it has some sense of social responsibility.

The only issue that modern shoppers will have is that these sites all offer so much choice, so carefully combing through each range is essential.

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