Gear Up for Your High-Speed Rail Journey from Seoul to Busan

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When you are in South Korea, both Seoul and Busan are the stops you have to make if you are keen to visit significant parts of the country. Whether you are in visiting the country for vacation or for business purposes, you surely cannot miss either Seoul or Busan from your itinerary. There are mainly two ways to travel between the cities. One is through flights, though the better and more popular and arguably more comfortable option would be to travel by train. A train from Seoul to Busan takes about 3 hours and mostly stops at the city of Daegu as an intermediary stop. The East Daegu Station, which is also known as the Dongdaegu station is the one where high-speed KTX trains arrive for stoppage while on its way to Busan.

Talking about KTX, it was, in fact, the Seoul Busan route where the construction began. On the 1st of April, back in 2004, the KTX services were first launched. Now the KTX serves the whole of South Korea, and the travellers and commoners have repeatedly expressed their wishes to make the services available to North Korea as well as the whole of Asia.

People are up with rave reviews for the KTX because it is indeed the fastest way to travel in the country. Not only that, KTX is appreciated by one and all because it provides deluxe comfort as well as easy accessibility with its frequent timings. Though the expenditure of a KTX journey usually leans towards a heavier side, it is not more than airfares and definitely a lot more appealing than normal train journeys. Though if you have enough time in your hands, you might indulge yourself in a leisurely regular train journey through South Korea taking in the views the country has to offer.

While you are travelling to Busan though, make sure to not miss out on the main attractions and sights of the place even though you might be in for a business trip. This particular city is popular amongst tourists and travellers for its beaches, and the one you must visit is the Busy Haeundae Beach which notably boasts of the Sea Life Aquarium. Apart from that, the beach is also home to a Folk Square where traditional games like tug of war are a rage. Apart from that the beach which deserves a mention is Gwangali beach which is alive and thriving with its nightclub scene. The other spots of attraction include the Buddhist Shrine in the Beomeosa Temple.

In fact, the whole of Korea is peppered with sights and scenes which you strictly cannot miss and coming back to our earlier point, the one route that has been preferred by the tourists and travellers as well as the commoners while travelling to corners of South Korea is the rail routes. In fact, the KTX can be called nothing short of a transport revolution that happened in Korea back in 2004.

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