Heirloom-Worthy Jewelries from Bailey Banks & Biddle

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Do you know how to spot an heirloom-worthy jewelry? This kind of jewelry may not have been passed down through generations, but they possess stand-out qualities that only get better and better as years go by. An heirloom-worthy jewelry can pass itself off as a high-end jewelry based on their characteristics.


They are also made from high-quality materials with solid craftsmanship and construction. These pieces of jewelry have sentimental value, special treatment, and unique design. With all the pieces of jewelry, you can find in a jewelry store, it is indeed hard to distinguish an heirloom quality jewel from ordinary ones.

The qualities of an heirloom-worthy jewelry

You will know that a jewelry has heirloom quality based on its materials which include fine silver, high-karat gold, precious and semi-precious stones, organic gems,  and platinum.  You base the value of precious metals like platinum, silver, and gold on their exquisiteness and rarity. While metals are known for being malleable, they are also resistant to corrosion. This is why they are ideal for jewelry making.

You can mix 24-karat gold with other metals such as silver, titanium, and copper so you can wear them as jewelry. Pure gold is too soft and these metals strengthen it. Generally, the jewelry piece is measured based on its gold content. A gold jewelry piece is considered precious if it has higher gold content than other pieces of jewelry. The common gold content in the United States is 14 karat. You will know you have a high-end jewelry because the karat content is stamped on the gold piece.

Aside from gold, silver is also a precious metal. It has reflective properties which show when it is polished carefully. Aside from gold, silver is also one of the most sought-after precious metals because of its durability and beauty. Silver flatters just any skin tone. It is also more durable than pure gold, but cannot be worn as jewelry because it is also too soft. You need to combine 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper to craft a silver jewelry. Combining silver and copper strengthens the silver jewelry piece without reducing its precious metal properties.

Like gold and silver, platinum has also been considered as a popular metal used for creating high-end jewelry. Platinum is valued for its highly reflective color and durability. In fact, platinum is the most durable among other precious metals. Jewelry pieces made with platinum never go out of shape and jewelry artists can also exercise their creative freedom because platinum allows you to form intricate pieces. Platinum jewelry is made of 85% pure platinum. This precious metal is alloyed with iridium, palladium, and ruthenium to improve its brilliance and make it more durable.

Heirloom-worthy jewelry is also filled with details. The overall design matters. The way materials are incorporated into the design also impacts the value of the jewelry. Even when you combine all precious metals, it will not qualify as heirloom quality if it is not well-crafted. When it comes to precious stones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are popular. Diamonds are the most recognized precious stone while sapphires are valued for their rarity and durability. Although they are second to diamonds in rarity and hardness, their rarer colors make them an attractive jewelry piece.

Emeralds are valued for their weight. They are considered the most precious stone because they have been treasured by Aztecs and Inca. If you are looking for the most beautiful emeralds, it will be the Colombian emeralds. They are priced for their undiluted color-pristine green. Ruby is the most gorgeous precious stone. It is known for its deep red luster that remains unsurpassed by other stones.

Bailey Banks and Biddle carries designer brands which also offer heirloom-worthy jewelry. Kirk Kara is one of them. It offers the finest selection of top quality pieces of jewelry like the Kirk Kara wedding ring which is an 18k white gold jewelry. You can also purchase timeless pieces from Bailey Banks and Biddle like diamond stud earrings.

It is not easy to select the kind of jewelry that you can pass down to your children or even your grandchildren. Aside from the solid structure and fine quality, you will also have to consider the jewelry’s classic style. An heirloom-worthy jewelry can be a pearl necklace, ring, bracelets, or brooches. Your jewelry will be worn for generations if it is a timeless piece.

You can also add a personal touch by wearing your jewelry on your wedding day. If you have a charm bracelet, you can also pass it down in your family so each generation can add their own charm until it is complete. If you have a gold or platinum band, you can also engrave your own initials and your heiress can also engrave theirs. You can talk to a jeweler at Bailey Banks and Biddle if you want an additional guide to choosing heirloom-worthy pieces of jewelry.


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