How VPNs Can Both Secure And Enhance Your Online Life 

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The Key Functions of VPNs

The advent of VPNs nowadays can be explained by a series of benefits they offer for both individuals and businesses. Put shortly, the key three advantages of VPNs are as follows:

  • they encrypt all the data traffic, securing it from third parties and even from the Internet Service Providers, who are known to sell information about user access patterns to marketers or to slow down traffic depending on the accessed website;
  • they hide the physical IP of the user, concealing their identity online-this is important if you live in an authoritarian regime or if you are concerned about your safety and anonymity online;
  • they allow to bypass geographically restricted content by rerouting the traffic of the users through servers located in the countries of interest. As a result, users are able to access websites or content that might be blocked in their countries of residence.

How VPNs Can Extend Your Power Online

As many of our readers might know, using a torrent tracker is a rather stressful experience in many countries, regardless of whether the intention is to download illegal or legal content. Feel free to read more at for an evaluation of Demonoid, one of the popular platforms for torrent files, with a significant user base in the English Speaking World (US, Canada, Australia, India). The article essentially argues about the utility of anonymity and freedom from geo-restriction when using this or any other torrent platforms in light of the listed advantages that VPNs offer. But VPNs not only enable and secure the use of torrent platforms – they also allow accessing restricted content on Youtube, Netflix, and many other video streaming services. IP management also gives you more freedom in using websites that strictly limit access time or services for each IP address, forcing you to register or pay.

The Utility Of VPNs While Travelling

As mentioned by this site, using public WiFi networks (which is a very frequent and serious vulnerability when travelling) can expose you or the business you manage or work for to dangerous attacks from hackers, resulting in stolen data with consequences of various severity. The site elaborates on the basic motivation for securing your online space, whether you are an individual or a businesses and the general utility of VPNs in this respect.

However, safety is not the only issue that might arise while travelling. Another awkward situation can happen when shopping elsewhere in the world and being directed to the national webpages of a given multinational service. You might face obstacles when trying to switch to your native language or when trying to use your primary home address as a shipping destination.

Provided that all these convince you about the utility of VPNs, feel free to check to find out more about the technology and to help you compare VPN service providers by evaluating their pros and cons.

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