Hydration Nation: The Foods That You Need To Be Eating

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Staying hydrated is something that has so many benefits to us. For starters, it means that our bodies can function at their optimum level, as all of our insides have all that they need to function well. We are made up of a lot of water, so it only makes sense that we need water to help us to function better. Hydration can help us to feel more energized and less sluggish, and it can lead to better looking skin too. So there are plenty of reasons why.

Water, and drinking water, is one of the most common things that we know to do, to help keep us hydrated. And there are many reasons for that as it goes straight in our bodies, rather than needing to be processed as foods. And when we’re not hydrated enough, and we’re not eating the right kinds of food, then it can lead to things like kidney stones. While there are places like that can help you if you have something like kidney stones, being able to deal with it yourself and not get it in the first place is going to be preferable, right? So plenty of water is key.

According to, the food we eat does also play a part in how hydrated we are. For example, around 20% of the water that we get comes from the food that we eat (providing the foods contain plenty of water). So to make sure that you aren’t just drinking bottles and bottles of water each day, food can play a part in hydration too. Here are some of the best things to be eating if you’re dehydrated, thirsty, or have done something tiring like walking, exercise, or it’s the height of summer.


Summer has been and gone, but it makes perfect sense that these are in season during the summer months. It is one of the most hydrating foods around; just take a look at the name. As well as being over 90% water, watermelon also contains salts and nutrients that are needed for optimum hydration.


You might find it surprising to hear that cucumbers actually have more water in them than watermelons, coming in at a whopping 96% of water. So they make a great food to eat if you’re feeling run down, as well as working as a great post-exercise snack.


Berries are pretty powerful little things, as they are pack full of antioxidants, as well as being fibrous and having low amounts of natural sugar. But the strawberry comes in as the berry with the most water content, with the same amount as watermelon. They are great on their own, but if blended in a smoothie, you can up your water intake, as well as break down the fiber making the water content more easily absorbed.


Staying hydrated isn’t all about the water that you drink. You do need particular minerals in your diet to help the water be absorbed from the foods that you eat. Spinach is full of goodness as it contains essential electrolytes, but it also boasts a high water content of 92%, just like strawberries and watermelon.

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