Is It Time For 24-hour In-Home Care?

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As your parents’ age, they can no longer do the things they usually do. They won’t have the vigor to walk for hours, go out as often and be physically active. If your parents are suffering from a certain medical condition, they might be hindered to move around or prepare their meals. Worse, they might even have a hard time living alone. This is the reason why as your parents grow old, you should start considering hiring 24-hour in-home care. Acquiring this service might entail cost from your pocket and a certain amount of adjustment from your parents at first, but with the number of benefits it can provide, it might be an excellent investment especially for your parents.

Deciding whether or not you should hire a 24-hour in-home care shouldn’t be made just because it’s the bandwagon in your area, or your friends told you to do it; you should hire a 24-hour in-home care because you think that this is the best way to take care of your parent’s health and wellness. Your parent’s wellbeing should always be your priority when deciding about this matter. Additionally, if you notice any of the signs listed below, it’s a telltale that it’s already time for 24-hour in-home care:

  1. Your parents changed their medical status: Just because your parents are out from the hospital doesn’t mean that they’ll be back to their old self the moment they step in your house. Most often than not, they’ll be required to take several medicines and undergo therapies even after being discharged. This is one of the most obvious signs that your parents need 24-hour in-home care. Having a caregiver at home 24/7 means a professional can consistently check your parents’ health conditions, assess if there are any problems and provide solutions before it reaches the point of hospitalization. A caregiver has the necessary training and experience to detect any problems of your parents’ medical conditions. The earlier these problems are detected, the cheaper solutions are needed.
  2. Your parents require therapies: Similar to the first point, your parents will need a caregiver’s service if they require therapies. Inpatient rehabilitation centers might be an option, but many seniors opt to do these treatments in their home because of the convenience and the environment. So if you’re parents are one of the latter, don’t hesitate to hire a 24-hour in-home care. If you’re living in San Antonio, start scouting for a caregiver in San Antonio so your parents will be assisted with professionals. Doing these therapies alone can be very risky, and can do more harm than good in your parents’ wellness. Additionally, going back and forth to a rehabilitation center can be very stressful and time-consuming for your parents.
  3. Your parents are forgetful: When your parents get old, their brain and other bodily functions start to deteriorate, which can lead to forgetfulness. Although this is a typical scenario among seniors, too much of it can cause long-term damage to their wellness and safety. If your parents can’t remember the meal, they’ve ordered from a restaurant last week, no problem. However, if your parents start to forget their address, where they’re going or other relatives’ names, that’s another story. When your parents’ forgetfulness starts to disrupt their daily activities and responsibilities in life, scout for 24-hour in-home care as soon as possible. They’ll need the companion of a caregiver, so they can still function despite being forgetful.
  4. Your parents have changed their habits: It’s typical for people to change their habits every now and then, especially if it’s towards their improvement. An employee might work harder because their boss told them to do so or an athlete might prioritize stretching before training because he suffered injuries in the past. But when your parents changed their habits abruptly without any valid reasons, be wary. These changes might be symptoms of underlying medical conditions. If you don’t want to guess whether or not your parents are doing well, opt to hire 24-hour in-house care. Caregivers who will provide this service will live with your parents 24/7, allowing them to observe your parents’ behaviors and habits. Their observations can give you the answers you need as to why your parents have changed.

Choose A Reliable Caregiver

Regardless of how many books you’ve read or videos you’ve seen, you can never have the same level of training and expertise as a caregiver. These professionals have been in the industry for years, and have spent most of their lives mastering their craft. Some might have even dreamt of becoming a caregiver that’s why they’re motivated and driven to work every single day. If you believe these professionals are the best persons to look after your parents, go ahead and start scouting for one. Just make sure that you’re hiring caregivers from a reputable and well-established agency. Never risk your parents’ wellness over a caregiver’s cheap services or cheesy marketing materials.

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