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The ICD (International Classification of Diseases) is considered a standard system that is helpful in the classification of diseases. It is published by the WHO and this system utilizes coding for classifying and identifying health problems and diseases. ICD 10 isn’t a usual update to the ICD 9 that is presently being phased out, but it is highly different from the ICD 9 system. The ICD 10 is more specific and it possesses many codes, beginning from 15,000 to 150,000 besides other variations. The WHO has set a deadline for every medical practitioner to have a thorough implementation of the ICD 10 system. So, it turns into a huge task and it is not which can be accomplished overnight.

As the ICD 10 coding system tends to be complicated, so a practitioner needs lots of time to adapt to those changes and put the system into effect. So, you can say that for meeting the deadline you need to start already or remain prepared to begin immediately. The deadline which was set for ICD 10 was October 2014 and this deadline got delayed and officials claim that it can’t be delayed further. The reasons for this delay are many and one of the huge reasons is there was a real shortage of qualified coders who could undertake this system change. The prediabetes ICD 10 involves signs, symptoms, laboratory and clinical findings.

The reasons for getting prepared for ICD 10

  • You require being aware of ICD 10 codes – A comprehensive understanding of ICD 10 needs medical terminology codes and physiology. A thorough A&P course will take a year or more to complete.
  • The novice ICD 10 codes need over 40 hours to learn – Though most ICD 10 classifications comprise 40 hours of instructions, yet you will require more time to learn, rehearse, and understand the new codes.
  • Gain a competitive advantage – When you are well aware of the ICD-10 codes, then your resume will surely get noticed and this way, you will gain a competitive edge over others.
  • Be forward of your peers – You can get a jumpstart on your competitors when you have a comprehensive knowledge of ICD-10.
  • Save your provider, billing company, and hospital money – Medicare is growing it audits, and coding mistakes can result in loss of licensure or fines. Hence, you must be aware of the ICD-10 codes thoroughly.
  • Increase your role in ICD-10 – A trained coder can turn helpful in the education as well as training of others in a transition role, and become a vital position in ICD-10 implementation.

The significance

The WHO had applied the ICD-10 diagnostic coding system long ago and it was set to substitute ICD-9. Today, the classification of ICD-10 has been organized scientifically and there are ten subcategories in each three-digit category. The progression of modern technology via computer science is used besides the detailed and specific prediabetes ICD 10 and it will help in the easy examination of diabetes patterns and the outcomes of treatment which can progress medical care. It will also aid in making claim submission faster, easier and streamlined as the details possessed in these claims will turn it easier for the patients to comprehend them.

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