Love to travel and play golf? 4 stunning destinations you have to visit

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If you are a golf enthusiast and you love travelling, you should definitely check out these destinations. They have both private and public courses, as well as international and local championships held. Another great thing is that there are hotels and other forms of accommodation so that golfers can be close to the courses and have the opportunity to enjoy the setting.

Before the list of golf destinations, let us all remember why golf is such a great and unique sport.

It gives us freedom of choice to go anywhere

Can you think of any other game that’s played on 200 acres or even more and you are almost not aware of its boundaries? Sports like football, baseball, volleyball or any other that comes to your mind all have strictly defined lines and there’s no point in crossing them.

However, golf is a completely different story – even though short grass is the area where you should be playing holes, you know that isn’t the case most of the time. There’s huge space around you, so you are allowed to play the holes any way you feel like!

The setting is truly amazing

No other sport will give you the opportunity to enjoy different views every time you change a course. Every basketball or tennis court looks the same but golf courses come in so many forms and shapes. You can take a walk over steeped hills in the afternoon while playing golf. Or you can admire the view of the ocean while taking a short break from playing. You can never get tired of the surroundings because it changes throughout the seasons. There’s a meditative aspect of this game – both while you’re playing and while you’re on your way to the next hole.

Recognizable equipment and outfit

Golf is a cool sport, so it’s no wonder its equipment looks cool, too. And you have so many amazing golf clothing brands to choose from when you’re deciding what to wear for your next game. You definitely attract attention, the good kind of it. And it’s a great feeling to approach the golf section in a sports store and enjoy choosing new gloves, a club or balls. Every year, the offer gets wider and better, as golf is continuously gaining in popularity.

Constant opportunities for improvement

Golf never gets boring because there’s always something you can improve in your game. Whether you want to work on your posture or you want to achieve a perfect golf swing, there are instructors or specific equipment to help you with that. The ability to constantly evolve in this sport is what makes it so attractive.

1. St. Andrews (Old Course) in St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

As Scotland is the homeland of golf, it’s understandable why you should first consider visiting this country to play golf. It’s where golf developed its rules and the actual size of the 18-hole course, as well as the notion of golf member clubs.

St. Andrews is the most famous Scottish course, maybe the most famous one in comparison to all others across the world. People have been playing on it since the 15th century, tucked among North Sea dunes and fighting the weather, not just their opponents. In addition, there are four more courses of the same size, as well as one 9-hole course. It’s all public, but you should definitely make a reservation due to the popularity. There’s also a practice centre for every type of player, even for beginners, who are usually recommended the 9-hole course.

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California

It’s probably the most famous course in the USA. And bearing in mind the fact that California is the home of the best American courses in general (also for the ever-pleasant weather), you can only guess just how amazing this one really is. The narrow fairways will allow you to admire the view around you – the Pacific coast stretching in front of your eyes, decorated with uniquely shaped rocks. When you get to the 18th hole, it will provide you with the best view on the course. Just make sure you have a proper club with you, as the wind out there can get pretty strong.

3. Royal County Down Golf Club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Ireland has a rich golf history, so it’s no wonder this more than 100-year old course has a place among the best golf courses in the world. Yes, the weather can get quite rough there, making it really difficult to play but the pristine green colour of the fairways there can’t be compared to anything else in the world. The club has two 18-hole courses, so you can choose between the easier one – Annesley and the tougher one – the Championship (its name says it all!). It can be reached from Belfast, which is less than 50km away or you can pay a visit to Dublin and then enjoy the ride to Newcastle for about 145 km while admiring the view of the Irish Sea and magnificent mountains. The course’s fairways are decorated with common Irish plants like gorse and heather, while wild tussocks are spread over the bunkers. Just be prepared for the northern wind.

4. Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia

Australia, actually the whole Oceania including New Zealand, is a unique corner of the world due to its native plants and animals that are like nothing you have ever seen before. The scenery is breathtaking, too. And let’s not forget that months like December, January and February are summer months there, allowing you to have an off-season escape to the unknown. Royal Melbourne Golf Club offers East and West – two 18-hole courses, but in case of a tournament or other special event, the 12-hole Composite Course is available, made from combining parts of the two courses.

All in all

Enjoying golf while simultaneously admiring stunning surroundings and being able to walk down the fairways that many famous golfers walked down, too, is a unique experience. The one you should give yourself as soon as possible.

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