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Luxury Fashion Trends for 2019

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Luxury Fashion Trends for 2019

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Are you ready for another sparkly selection of formidable designer picks for the upcoming spring of 2019? Because based on what we’ve seen on the runways and the streets in the capitals of fashion, these designers most definitely are. They have once again delivered such a colorful spectrum of statement pieces that we can hardly wait for the sunny days to come knocking before we actually put them to use.

We’ve already fallen in love with plaid, glitter lips, and ultraviolet craze, but it’s never too early to start renewing your look with a bit of pro-style advice from the folk who have invented the idea of haute couture. Let’s see what you can expect in the midst of spring bloom the following year!

Tie-dye straight from scandi


Devoted fashionistas most certainly know about this growingly popular trend, as it has initially emerged on the runways across Scandinavian capitals of fashion, as well as their bustling streets. Tie-dye may be another remnant of the past, but it’s a worthy one to compete with the vivid landscape of colors seen on the catwalks.

Both pastels and rich hues have been used copiously in this melty, twisted manner to add a new dimension to your look.

Yes, we’re still big on suits


However, they have gone through a small, yet substantial transformation, from once predominantly masculine into decisively feminine shapes that still evoke the same sense of power and authority. If you take a sneak-peek at Stella McCartney’s collection, you’ll find that a creamy pastel suit, slightly oversized, but not boxy, can do wonders for your confidence, especially when paired with classy heels.

Spread your wings

Photo by Shamim Nakhaei on Unsplash

Fringe has been around for quite a while, but now feathers as its equally dashing sibling are taking over center stage. Bolder and more colorful than ever, you can find them ruffling on prominently large hats, footwear, as well as entire dresses covered with layers of feathers. Let one of your own dresses perch in your wardrobe proudly awaiting the spring sun!

Turn to nature for prints

Photo by Vika Fleisher on Unsplash

In the spirit of the season, it makes sense to turn to Mother Nature for inspiration when it comes to choosing and diversifying your prints. This time, following in the footsteps of designer trends, you’ll find many an online clothing store boasting dreamy floral dresses as well as entire sets in animal prints. Whether you’re a playsuit kind of gal, or you like to mix and match tops with skirts, make sure to add some wild and feminine details to your stylish ensemble!



Your lovely stockings will no longer be the only item in your collection created in the spirit of fishnets. In fact, the latest pieces that dominated the runways were delightfully bold in their new texture – or the lack thereof. As a perfect example, Dior’s 2019 look-book was brimming with crochet in every possible shape and form, from leggings, playsuits, to tops and dresses. Don’t resist the fishy urge and make it a part of your own look for the spring of the upcoming year.

To maximize the sea-like effect and level up your game by including some shells into your layers of netting. In anticipation of summer vacations everywhere, adding these natural elements to your outfit ideas will be a great way to celebrate the warm season and the wanderlust that so powerfully reigned supreme on the runways.

Boho layers

Photo by Vika Fleisher on Unsplash

While we’re on the subject, the idea of escapism was apparent in many a collection for 2019. The urge to explore, to travel beyond our comfort zone, and see the world from a new perspective was represented through many a runway look.

Whether you’d enjoy some of Altuzarra’s somewhat minimalistic options, or you’d rather go for some ethnic-inspired prints to vivify your look, the flattering, comfortable, and breezy items in many an earthy tone have stolen the spotlight. Add a handful of seashells to the mix, a pair of Greek-inspired sandals, and you’re good to go!

Nudes vs saturated

Photo by Lee Cartledge on Unsplash

No matter what print you look at, or if you stick to suiting and tie-dye, two extremes of the color spectrum have found their way into every collection possible. You can expect rich, popping colors of red, yellow, green, and blue, all vibrant and lively as ever, mixing among the neutral trench coat vibe.

Even if you find the trend too bold to start off with entire outfits in a single, saturated color, you can start small with accessories and keep moving forward with your look towards a more spring-tastic outfit brimming with versatile hues!




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