Most Amazing Hiking Trails in Australia for Your Next Active Holiday

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What’s better than a holiday where you just sit on a beach, watching the waves? An active holiday! If you’re one of those people who prefer constantly being on the move and love to explore new places on their own two feet, the ideal vacation in your dictionary might just be a hike out in the wilderness. One of the best places for such an adventure is certainly the vast continent of Australia – from rainforests through endless mountain ranges to breathtaking ocean views and towering cliffs, it has a very diverse natural landscape where everyone can find a scenery they will remember for the rest of their lives. So, read on to learn about some of Australia’s best hiking trails worth checking out.


Great Ocean Walk

One of Australia’s most famous landmarks, the Twelve Apostles in Victoria is a much-visited hiking spot perfect for people of any level of fitness. The Great Ocean Walk, stretching along the Great Ocean Road for a little over 100 kilometers, is one of the longer adventures on this list – the track takes 8-10 days to complete and it walks you across forests, sand dunes and beautiful beaches, but the views along the way are very well worth it – especially the above mentioned impressive rock formations of the Apostles, out of which currently eight remain standing.


The Grampians is a national park located in Victoria that boasts spectacular sandstone mountain views and numerous gorgeous waterfalls hidden all over the place. More experienced individuals will love the recently opened, grade 4 Grampians Peaks Trail, which is a 36-km three-day hike across the rugged peaks of the ranges. On the other hand, more laid-back travelers can check out the Venus Baths Loop Walk and the Balconies Walk, which are short and easy tracks but are still very beautiful.

Freycinet National Park

The Freycinet National Park is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque regions of Australia. Located on the Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania, it’s most famous for Wineglass Bay, which is easily one of the top ten beaches in the world. To experience all the wonders of this little corner of the world, a guided pack-free Freycinet and Wineglass Bay walk is a great option. During this three-day adventure, you can see the beautiful Coles Bay, the pink granite heights of Hazard Mountains, of course, Wineglass Bay itself, as well as the breathtaking views from Mount Graham over the peninsula. While the difficulty of the track ranges between medium and hard grade, an easier option might be available to less experienced hikers.

Lamington National Park

Located in Queensland, Lamington National Park is a perfect getaway for both truly adventurous individuals who want to experience the untamed wilderness of rainforests and even families with children. For example, the Booyong Walk (Treetop Walk) is accessible for almost anyone, with lovely suspension bridges, lookouts and picnic location. You can also spot vivid birdlife along the way, so keep an eye out. Morans Falls is another family-friendly track that boasts stunning views and an 80-meter tall waterfall!

Blue Mountains

You don’t have to travel very far from the bustling streets of Sydney to find yourself in lush nature. The Blue Mountains have about 140 kilometers of walkable tracks, ranging from fairly easy to challenging difficulties. For example, one of the most renowned tracks in the national park is National Pass, which is a grade 4 adventure recommended to experienced hikers. If you’re up for the task, this track will take your breath away – impressive mountains and waterfalls adorn its landscape and the famous Grand Stairway is a must-visit spot if you’re not afraid of heights!

Bluff Knoll

It would be a shame to leave the beautiful West Australia off this list when it boasts such natural beauties as Bluff Knoll, located in Stirling Range National Park. Bluff Knoll is actually one of the highest peaks in the region, and this 6-km trail is more for the experienced, as it is grade 4. However, once you are up 1,099 meters above sea level, you will be stunned by the amazing 360-degree view. For this hike, bringing warmer clothing and plenty of water is highly recommended.

Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island in Queensland also offers amazing hiking opportunities – which are also accessible to people of all fitness levels! The island’s unique landscape includes rainforests, colored sand formations, numerous freshwater dune lakes as well as a beautiful beachfront, which means plenty of opportunities to take a dip and cool down. The 90-kilometer long Great Walking Track is a popular destination among travelers who want to get away from the noise of crowded tourist hotspots for a couple of days.

This list gave a few options of both easier and more challenging tracks, ranging from an afternoon adventure to a week-long holiday. All of these destinations offer unique views and a unique experience, however, one thing they have in common is that they are all beautiful and well worth your time! So, feel free to choose whichever most piques your interest and pack your hiking gear!

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