No Stress: A Guide to Preparing for the First Date

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First dates are stressful. There is no denying otherwise. Unless you have lost all faith in the notion of dating and you have only agreed to the date under sufferance, it is likely you have invested emotionally in this date. We all have expectations about first dates. We want them to be a success, for that person to be ‘the one’. Sadly, this doesn’t happen all that often, but nevertheless, we all head out the door eagerly hoping this person will be amazing, sexy, and perfect for us.

With so much to lose, it is hardly surprising that we get stressed out before a first date – and often during the date itself. Nerves take hold and before we know it, we are a hot mess. You have already read tips for finding a date. This article is a guide to help you prepare for a first date. We aim to cover the basics and ensure you don’t blow it in the first five minutes. We can’t promise your date will be Mr or Mrs Right, but at the very least, the date shouldn’t be a disaster!

Review the Date Venue

Do you have a plan? Do you know where you’re going on the date? If not, find out. Imagine how excruciating it would be if you showed up in skinny jeans and your date had tickets to the theatre.

Plan an Outfit

In accordance with the previous point, now is a good time to plan your outfit. It is good manners to make an effort for a first date. If you can’t be bothered to take a shower and plan a nice outfit to wear, it tells your date that you don’t care about them or yourself. Is that the impression you want to give?

Plan an outfit that’s in keeping with the date location. If you are meeting for a coffee, a casual outfit is fine. If the date involves dinner and a restaurant, take the opportunity to dress up. A nice dress, heels, or a shirt and tie if you’re a guy, is appropriate.

Pick an outfit you are comfortable with and that suits your body type. Be careful not to overdo the sexy look. If you give it all away on the first date, what’s to look forward to on the second date?

If in doubt about your sartorial tastes or sense of fashion, ask a trusted friend for advice before you leave the house.

Have Conversation Topics Prepared

Conversation is usually the biggest sticking point on a first date. It can be awkward when conversation runs dry and you are sat there wondering what to say next. To prevent this from happening, make sure you familiarise yourself with the person’s profile (if applicable) and have a mental list of topics you can talk about. Stick to safe subjects like holidays, jobs, hobbies. It’s better to give previous relationships, toxic divorces, and contentious subjects a wide berth.

Tell Family and Friends about the Date

Always tell someone where you are going if this is the first date. Whilst the likelihood of your date being a psycho is low, why take that risk?

Devise an Escape Clause

It is always a good idea to have an escape clause. Not all dates are fun. Ask a friend to call or text you at a pre-agreed time. If the date is going badly, you can use the call as an excuse to leave early. Alternatively, throw in a comment about somewhere else you have to be if the date isn’t going too well.

Try and relax. This is only a first date! The world won’t end if you don’t get along.

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