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Oslo Fashion Week Tendencies

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After seeing the marvelous outfits flaunted by Scandi girls all over Copenhagen, the world has started yearning for more of this cool, yet certainly not cold, look. The styles seen in the streets of Oslo are equally mesmerizing and they offer plenty of food for thought when it comes to infusing our own wardrobe with this bold approach.

From vibrant, metallic colors, chunky sneakers, all the way to timeless pastels in various forms, we have an entire season of Scandi to look forward to, and plenty of ideas to use for our own wardrobe inspiration!

Bold palettes


Add to the tie-dye trend, Oslo was brimming with vibrancy in the form of potent colors with a strong, metallic glow. Silky-smooth long skirts in pink, or asymmetrical romantic blue dresses with the same glitz reigned supreme. It was not solely for the purpose of experimenting with color, but also for the sake of adding a layer of texture to an already mesmerizing combination.

One might say that this is a clear example of Scandi leaving its comfort zone of pastels, although they still found plenty of beautiful uses for creamy tones paired with bold ones for contrast. Toxic greens, this year’s absolute favorite ultra violets, and a whole range of pinks were easily spotted all over the city, mixed and matched, as well as in monochrome looks.

Styled up feet


Diversity would be the best descriptor for how ladies of Oslo opted to put their best foot forward. They didn’t shy away from mixing sophisticated golden dresses with flip-flops, or further accentuating their sporty vibes with extremely chunky sneakers.

However, among all the versatile high heels, ankle boots, and quirky sandals, the most note-worthy were their comfortable flats in a variety of creamy hues as well as dark leather tones. Some were minimalist, remaining true to their Scandi spirit, while others boasted buckles and studs to give them an edge.

Oversized fits the bill


Sometimes, the devil truly is in the detail, but in some Oslo fashion instances, it was easy to spot the main characteristic of the outfit at a single glance. Massive, floor-long coats in a multitude of funky colors as well as classic nudes, maxi dresses of uneven hemlines, and over-emphasized shoulders all added an entirely new dimension to the Scandi style book. Even pantsuits, sweaters, and button-down shirts managed to be a size or two larger than the figures wearing them, thus adding a powerful effect that focused on comfort.

How playful they were with sizes was also obvious from their choice of ever-so-small purses to match their oversized coats, while the contrasting hues only increased the gap and attracted more attention to the seeming discord. An A-line skirt paired with a bulky checkered shirt would naturally receive more attention thanks to being paired with a miniscule ultra violet purse.

Tie-dye meets the streets


A playful look that managed to exude effortless together with authentic, tie-dye combos were seen all over the capital of Norway. The mosaic of intertwined color clashes offered a colorful base for an imaginative ensemble. Often, these looks would end up enchanting, especially when paired with other odd hues and intricate embroidery.

Whether you’d see them as a part of an urban combo, or an intriguing element of elevated chic, this curious coloring pattern allowed for plenty of unique fashionable blends. Some outfits even consisted of pieces that you’d think you’d never put into a single mix, and yet, there they were, in perfect disharmony, making a vivid statement.

Athleisure with a Scandi twist


Army pants and translucent crop tops, chokers and hoodies, and of course, sneakers in many shapes and shades, all added a note of rebellion to the predominant Oslo looks. How about a silky corset on top of a monochrome gray tracksuit and a turtleneck? Sure, why not, said Oslo, boldly embracing out-of-the-box street combinations.

Equally stunning were the simplest of all combos that were made of printed t-shirts and classic black denim jeans, and of course, the black leather jacket as a must-have for turning an elegant dress into a powerful, yet feminine statement piece. Add to that a handful of carefully chosen accessories, and you have a complete outfit in the spirit of true athleisure, only this time presented with a Scandi vibe at its core.



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