Replacing Windows: Hiring a Professional or Doing It Yourself?

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It is said that up to 30% of heat emanates through windows, so when you replace them yourself, you do not only save money, you save energy costs as well. In addition, window replacement improve the look of your home. So when you are looking to sell, it increases the value greatly.

Installing new windows can cost you a lumpy sum. Should you save yourself some cash and try installing them yourself? Personally, we would not recommend it.

Not As Easy As It Looks…

Yes, you will save money. However, what you save in money, costs you elsewhere. For starters, you can end up buying the wrong window type or the wrong size because you are not a specialist. You can also buy low-grade windows because you cannot tell the difference.

There is also the small matter of an inappropriate installation when you attempt to do it on your own. Even if you watch YouTube videos or follow the manual to the tee, your inexperience can count against you, with dripping windows that take a toll on your energy bills.

The warranty gets thrown into jeopardy too. Many manufacturers entail that installations be carried out by qualified professionals for their warranties to hold.

Pros Will Get Better Deals Than You

Window replacement companies have access to an assortment of top-quality windows at wholesale prices. We are talking prices better than what is on offer in retail stores. So, the point that when you buy windows yourself, you save money does not really hold.

Moreover, window replacement professionals are certified and licensed. This tells you that installing windows is no stroll in the park and not something you should think you can attempt unscathed on a free weekend.

What if you discover that your tiny double-hung windows are leaking? Installing the windows was a herculean task, can you trust yourself to resize the opening and still give yourself a room with a view?

Getting a Good Job Done

In the end, it pays to use a professional. This does not mean you should settle for just about anyone or spend money without blinking. Ask for quotes from different contractors and keep your eyes peeled for the differences in price.

Ensure that any contractor of choice is insured, licensed and certified to do the installation that you require. Check out online reviews and compare them to the contractor’s overall customer satisfaction record. You can also call in and seek answers to your questions.

Window installations are best left to professionals because it is difficult to know the correct egress size or the appropriate safety installation procedures for the layman. If you choose to fix the windows on your own, you only spend on the window and glazing the compound, however is it really worth your while in the end?

Leave It to the Pro

Installing windows leaves you with a ton of responsibility. You need to learn the lingo of window producers. You need to know the type of windows that align with your budget and aesthetic needs.

What about the grueling work that awaits? Many hours of backbreaking labor is involved with replacement windows. It takes energy and plenty of strength to insert a new pane of glass. If you are not in good physical shape, it would be a massive problem.

Ultimately, the benefits of hiring a pro to replace your windows, outweighs the advantages of doing it by yourself.



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