Supporting Business You Believe In – Practices To Adopt

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We all know that there are businesses out there functioning in ways we do not approve on. From cheap labor overseas to contributing to bad practices in the agricultural or meat harvesting markets, sometimes the practices of an industry or select business can turn us off from ever supporting them with our purchases again. A purchase is akin to a mini-vote that you cast with your economic power each day, and it has an effect. Of course, you cannot guard against all of your purchases completely. We all benefit from cheap labor abroad, or have done in the past. We all benefit from the conveniences of modern markets, or at least may have done. However, if you want to be a more ethical consumer supporting businesses you believe in is a great place to start, especially with the daily, repeatable purchases.

Here are some tips to help you do just that, giving you the tools to be your best self and operate how you would most like to:

Learn The History

Learning the history of a business can help you understand the reasons behind their efforts in goodwill. Are they pushing for ethical practices because they have conducted them poorly in the past and this is a positive PR step, or do they have a real care for the industry and only wish to see it sustained? A good deed is often a good deed at the end of all this inquiry, but sometimes you may wish to place your money in areas that are more appropriate. For example, farm to feet shoe or slipper manufacturers might have some real, tried and tested and long standing ethically prominent practices for crafting their products well, and learning a little history about that environment can not only help you learn more about the product you’re wearing, but give you more of a reason to support that good practice.

Learn The Emblems

There are very often governing bodies of ethical work. From learning the organic symbol to food, for more elaborate and appropriate forms of manufacturing adherence, simply learning the emblem given by a positive governing body can sometimes give you a great impression of a business if you’re willing to look and care about the overall potential to be found there.

Engage In Their Programs

 Engaging in the programs that the business you care about is promoting can help them do more in the future. It might be a promotional tool to plant trees abroad, or perhaps donating a certain amount of profit to charity, sometimes engaging in a program is simply being supportive at the right times, other times it’s taking action.  This can help the firm realize that their are some programs or methods of help they SHOULD implement, and this can motivate them to try and craft more of those in the long term without fear.


With all these tips, and the willingness to make your voice heard, supporting businesses you believe in can be achieved in these simple ways.

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