The Thai Vacation of a Lifetime

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When you are in the Phuket area, you may be wondering what to see that is a little less “touristy.” There are some amazing sites throughout Thailand, but it can be difficult as a foreigner to know where to go. As well, you do not want to tack on extra fees, when you would much rather be focused on having a great time.

Having a Simple Trip

When you are looking for a fun day excursion, you do not want to just pay and pay for more and more extra things. You want an enjoyable experience where you can just have fun, and not think about monetary concerns. An entire day with just relaxation is the kind of trip you can get when you go to Khao Sok National Park.

The trip begins first thing in the morning, at 5:30. Transportation back leaves the Park at 6 pm. Between those two times, you are free to do whatever you want during the stops. With the group, the only thing you would have to pay extra for is alcohol. You can see the sights, engage in activities during every stop, and make the trip your own.

There are some areas where there might be an additional charge, but you will know this from the beginning. You can just enjoy the day, without having to expect to get hustled.

Time on Water and Land

The first stage of your adventure is in the jungle. Through two temples, you will escape the tourist rush areas, and get to enjoy both the wonders that people can build and a sense of tranquility.

Cheow Lan Lake is an amazing place. You get the chance to take a longtail boat across the lake and see the amazing limestone rocks that jut from the surface. The area is amazing, and this is geography that simply does not exist in this form anywhere else in the world.

While on the water, the trip includes a dining experience at a restaurant that floats. This location is a chance to do something that many people never get a chance to do – an authentic lunch on a lake. This comes right before some time to swim or kayak as you please. This part of the trip is among the most open.

Avoiding the Tourist Traps

Tourism is a big deal in the Phuket area, and for good reason. Of course, the down side to this is that there can be too many people in too small a space. When you want a relaxing day of being in nature and enjoying the landscape, getting out of the tourist areas is essential. Fresh air, a good day’s walk and a lot of fun await when you are able to get away, and just enjoy some time out, exploring what Thailand has to offer.

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