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Top Giveaway Ideas for Bridesmaids

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Your wedding is one of the most special occasions of your life. This is one of those days that you most probably have dreamt of living to its fullest. People plan for their weddings months in advance so that they can make sure that everything goes perfect and they can enjoy the true limelight on their big day. Although most people come to attend the wedding feast and festivities on the day when you walk down the aisle, your girl gang is around you and has your back throughout the planning phase. T

These special pals that you call your bridesmaids make sure that everything goes as you wanted them to be and they take a significant chunk of your planning stress so that you can relax and enjoy. For all the love, appreciation and efforts that your bridesmaids shower you with, they truly deserve something much beyond a wedding invitation and a generic favor box that you will be given to every guest. A unique gift as a token of thanks for your bridesmaids will go as a thoughtful gesture and a cherishable memory of your wedding to them. Here are some super cool gift ideas that you can use for your bridesmaid.

Plush Robes

Ever thought of giving away a bathrobe to your bridesmaid? A soft plush bathrobe can make an adorable bridesmaid gift. Not only they have a stylish and a luxurious feel to them, but they are something that can stay with them for a long time. You can get creative and personalize your bathrobes with your initials embroidered at the back or the hems. You can throw a Spa Party and give those special robes to your girl gang to sport around. Since terry robes can be slightly costly, you can go for a microfleece blend waffle weave robe. Waffle weaves not only provide a comfortable wrap, but they also have a style aspect to them for the perfect fit and shape that they offer.

Scent Box

Who doesn’t love perfumes? You can get cute scent boxes or bath sets for bridesmaids giveaways. This does not mean that you have to give a Burberry to each bridesmaid. You can work within your budget. If you have some coupons or deals going on, a gift box from Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop or Victoria’s Secret would be the best thing ever. If you are still tight on the budget, you can pick up different cheaper scents and pack up a box of your own.

Cosmetic Shopping Vouchers

How will you feel if someone gives you a gift card to shop at Sephora or Ultra Beauty? Your bridesmaid will forever be obliged to you for this beautiful gift. The best part is that you can choose a gift card that suits your budget and your bridesmaid will have an option of buying anything that they want to. They can either choose to avail the gift card amount or can top up some extra cash from their pocket to buy something pricey and use the gift card to reduce their bill.

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