Underrated but Beautiful – Here’s Why Canada Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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Back in 1535, upon reaching the New World, Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, was invited by two Aborigines to visit their “kanata”, or in other words, their village. He thought they were referring to their country and the name stuck. Nowadays, Canada is one of the most developed, and according to a survey conducted by Rough Guides, a British travel publisher, the second most beautiful country in the world. It’s quite an achievement to leave behind spectacular contenders such as Island, New Zealand, or Hawaii. And yet, oddly enough, despite these impressive qualifications, Canada didn’t make it to the top ten most visited destinations globally. Here’s why it should be at the top of your travel list.  Here’s a must do when Alberta Facts  !

You’re probably wondering what’s so cool (pun intended) about this province, known for its severe winters and temperatures which drop well below zero. Well, it’s exactly these harsh conditions that are responsible for this small city’s biggest attraction – polar bears. In July, approximately 1,000 of these fluffy carnivores come to Churchill in order to spend the summer. Besides being the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill offers some other natural wonders. Namely, being situated on the shores of Hudson Bay, this city’s also suitable for beluga whale watching, as these giant mammals migrate to the coast in summer.

Image 2 – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories

Don’t be mislead by the fact that Yellowknife, the capital and the biggest settlement of the NWT, has the population of fewer than 20,000 people, or that it’s an old and fairly isolated town at the heart of the tundra. Yellowknife is a true gem, and not only because there used to be a gold mine 5 kilometers away, but because its position beneath the aurora oval which makes it a perfect spot for observing the breathtaking Aurora Borealis. Since this natural phenomenon is best visible around the equinoxes, it’s a good idea to book one of these adventure northern lights packages in spring and fall.

Image 3 – Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories, Canada

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This colorful fishing village is one of Canada’s 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Make sure to take one of the local walking trips, as it will be an opportunity to see well-preserved historic buildings which date back to the 17th century. Each wave of immigrants from different European countries who started settling here in the 1700s brought pieces of their culture and tradition and turned this small community into a true melting pot. Nowadays you can enjoy its versatile cuisine, architecture, and culture, as there are lots of authentic restaurants and art galleries downtown.

Image 4 – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Toronto, Ontario

In 2015, T-Dot was ranked as the best place to live in by the Economist magazine. The most suitable way to experience this amazing city is by creating an itinerary based on its different neighborhoods. Kensington Market is famous for its multicultural spirit, which means that you can shop in various eclectic, indie stores or grab a bite in restaurants serving traditional  Japanese, Chinese, or Carribean food. Don’t miss the Distillery District, a pedestrian area brimming with buildings from the Victorian era. What’s particularly interesting about this neighborhood is that no restaurant and retail chains or franchises are allowed to rent space, so that you won’t see any big, household names here. Instead of that, there are numerous independent boutiques, eateries, coffee shops, and art galleries, while upper floors of the buildings are occupied by artists. Its appeal attracted a lot of filmmakers so that since the 1990s, more than 800 TV shows and movies have used the Distillery District as a filming location.

Image 5 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is just the tip of the iceberg as the Great White North has much more to offer, so make sure to mark it as your next travel destination.


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