Winter is Coming, Be Safe on the Road

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Being a safe and responsible driver is recommended at all times of the year, however, it becomes even more important during the winter. From poorer visibility to the risk of snow and ice – there are a lot more hazards that can come your way when driving at this time of year. While the temptation to hibernate through the winter is always there, you can’t avoid having to go out. When you do leave the house, the following tips could help you be safer on the road.

Book your car in for a check-up

Regular maintenance checks can help spot problems with your vehicle long before they become serious ones. A pre-winter maintenance check is a good idea to help you feel more confident driving on the road in winter. From making sure your tyres can cope with the road to testing out your brakes, get into the habit of giving your car a check every winter to make sure it’s prepared for the season ahead. Auto repairs can be expensive, but it’s better to pay and get them out of the way now than to suffer an accident or break down and have to pay for a tow truck too!

Pack an emergency kit

Having an emergency kit in your trunk is a sensible thing to do all year, but in the winter you’ll need a couple of extra items to help you out in case you break down. Make sure you keep some essentials like water and dried food, while warm clothing, blankets and gloves will be useful in case you need to walk away from your vehicle. Items such as a flashlight, a portable power bank, jumper cables and an ice scraper are also good to carry around with you.

Make note of all of your emergency contacts

You can’t always rely on your phone to have enough battery at all times. If you get caught in a snowstorm or you break down, you need to be able to contact someone immediately for help. Keep a note of important emergency numbers in your car just in case. Your insurance provider, roadside assistance, emergency contact and a reliable law firm like should all be at the top of your contact lists in case of an accident. Enjoy better peace of mind by always letting someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to arrive when traveling longer distances.

Be a safer driver

Winter is the time to really show off your responsible driving skills. In winter, you’ll want to monitor your speed closely, and drive slower when conditions are icy. Avoid speeding or reckless behavior that could lead to an accident.

Winter roads can be perilous, and if conditions look like they’re going to be serious – it’s better to stay at home. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast and make sensible decisions when heading out. You can’t always predict the weather, but the more prepared you are, the safer you’ll be on the road this winter.

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