10 Hacks to make your smile beautiful

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A beautiful smile is something everyone wishes to have! And getting complimented on how beautiful your smile is, is probably an out of the world feeling.

But like it is said, nothing good comes your way if you don’t put in a little effort. Expecting a dazzling smile while doing nothing for it, is just like wishing to wake up as a millionaire!

If you want a smile that beats every other person’s smile then, you will have to put in an effort. We have come up with 10 hacks to make your smile look beautiful!

Exfoliate Your Lips

The key tip to an amazing smile is to have your lips exfoliated. Nobody wants dry, chapped lips, but lip scrubs can be costly too. So instead of spending a fortune on expensive lip scrubs, make it at home. Here is a little DIY Lip Scrub:

You will need a little amount of sugar and some honey. Mix the two together and use the mixture to scrub your lips. It will take away all the flaky dead skin on your lips.

Brush Your Teeth with a Whitening Toothpaste

Instead of choosing a normal toothpaste, opt for a tooth whitening toothpaste. Use it twice a day, to give yourself the perfect pearly whites.

Use a Straw

Coffee and tea can stain your teeth pretty bad. And with time these stains become permanent, which will obviously affect your smile. So, make sure the next time you grab a drink, get a straw along with it and use the straw to avoid staining your teeth.

Conceal the Area Around Your Lips

Before putting on any lip color, conceal the area around your lips. Any discoloration around the lips can really distract the lip color and your smile. Applying a little concealer will ensure that your smile gets it best start. Also, this helps to get the exact shade of the lipstick as on package because you give the lipstick a neutral base to set on.

Highlight your Cupid’s Bow

After putting your lipstick on, grab your favorite highlighter and a brush and highlight your Cupid’s Bow. This makes your lips look fuller and it adds a little sparkle on the lips, giving you a nice smile.

Use Lipsticks with Cool Undertone

Lipsticks that have a cool undertone like blue, tend to cancel out the yellowness of your teeth. So, if you want to make your teeth look extra white and your smile to sparkle, opt for lipsticks with cool undertone rather than going for warm undertone.

Do Yoga Before Bed

Many people tend to clench their teeth and jaws during sleep. This usually happens due to build up stress during the day. Clenching teeth can cause microfractures in the structure of your teeth, which obviously wouldn’t look pretty when you smile. It is advisable to do yoga before going to bed, to release the stress and all tension from your mind, so you have a peaceful sleep, and so you don’t clench your teeth.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

This is a weird hack!  But nonetheless, it is very effective. Chewing on raw and crunchy fruits and vegetables helps in scraping away the plaque that gets accumulated on your teeth, and makes them look yellow. With the plaque gone, you will have whiter and brighter teeth, which will enhance your smile.

Have a Good Breath

Imagine, you have a dazzling smile and everybody loves it. But as soon as you open your lips to smile, the person in front you are hit with a bad odor, which is coming from your mouth. Wouldn’t want that, now would we?

The bad smell comes from your tongue not being clean. It is essential to scrape at your tongue. Make a habit of using a mouthwash. Also, carry breath fresheners with you wherever you go!

Be Confident

A smile can never look beautiful if it doesn’t reflect confidence. Believe in yourself and be confident. Not only will it give you the most perfect smile but it will also make you feel good about yourself.

Keeping aside everything, just always remember: You are amazing, just the way you are!

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