10 Wonderful Reasons to Live in Perth

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Are you interested in traveling to Australia? If you are, then you might want to visit the sunniest capital in the country. Apart from the sun-filled city, there are other wonderful reasons why you might want to live in Perth.

Perth is More than Home
At the moment, Perth ranks among the top ten most liveable cities in the globe. This is thanks to the warm climate as well as the same time-zones. In addition, visitors can access Perth through various cities in Asia, Africa, and the Gulf States on a direct flight.
Perth is also home to magnificent beaches, international education centers, intriguing natural wildlife, and a buzzing nightlife.

More than Beauty in Perth
Perth is a cosmopolitan with an upbeat population and at the same time laid-back. Moreover, you can visit the lovely harbors such as Hillary’s Boat Harbour not forgetting Perth’s inner suburbs profiles where you can settle in and even build a home.

More Adventure in Perth

Apart from the ecstatic cityscape, Perth has to offer, you’ll also be lost in multiple adventures outside the city. First off, you can join the quokkas, which are the tiny Australian wallabies located on Rottnest Island.
You can then head out to the Margaret River to view the breathtaking sceneries of the historic lighthouses and the limestone caves. It doesn’t stop there, at the Pinnacles, you’ll get a chance to witness the stunning desert sculptures.
If you’re a fan of sea animals, you’ll be happy to know you can get a chance to observe the dolphins in an underwater adventure at Busselton. After that, take some time off to taste some of the best wines Swan Valley as to offer courtesy of the famous vineyards.

Education is Key in Perth
Perth has cemented its place as one of the leading destinations in terms of education. This is thanks to the five world-class universities. In addition, Perth also has vocational institutions where you can choose your preferred course.
Due to the attention Perth receives as an educational hub, the city remains vibrant throughout the year thanks to the youth in the city. You don’t have to worry if you’re new, chances are that you’ll find someone from your country to help you out.

The International Student Festival
Perth hosts the international Student Festival at Elizabeth Quay. The main aim of this festival is to celebrate the various contributions made by international students in terms of their educational journeys.
Such initiatives make Perth a valued educational destination.

The Food and Drinks in Perth
Are you a foodie? Well, Perth has got you covered with its various dishes and drinks. You’ll find numerous restaurants, café and bars all offering a variety of cuisines from every corner of the world.
On top of that, every March and April you get to enjoy the best of Perth’s food culture in a tantalizing Eat Drink Perth Festival. In the festival, you have the chance to learn from a whopping 115 events which includes workshops, buffets and masterclasses.

Rich Cultural Experiences
If you’re a fan of culture and arts, you needn’t look too far. Perth has a number of theatres, pubs, bars, nightlife, live music, festivals as well as multicultural events. If you have second thoughts about visiting Perth, think about the over 255 events held every year.
One of the most entertaining is the Perth Festival which is held every January and March and it features various international and local artists. If you love arts, you can visit the Western Australian Museum, the State Theatre of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

High Employment Rates
At the moment, the employment rates stand at 93.6% in Western Australia. This means there’s a high chance you’ll get a job. Moreover, Perth is a small city which means not so many people compete for the same jobs.
This will give you an opportunity to take on part-time jobs even as you study.

The Home of Science and Innovation
With over five world-class universities in Perth, it’s no surprise that it would rank among the best in science and innovation. Some of the science courses you can enroll in include Physics, Cyber Security, Counter-Terrorism, Mathematics, and Conservation Biology among others.
While at the university, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art laboratories. This will go a long way in enhancing your research.

Meet Warm People
Once you arrive at Perth Airport, you’ll come across a welcome desk run by StudyPerth. This desk serves new international students. After arrival, follow the StudyPerth footsteps to locate the desk where you’ll receive a warm welcome from the attendants.

There you have it, 10 reasons why you should live in Perth. In fact, there are more than that, but the ones listed in this article take top priority. The next time you’re looking for a holiday destination, consider Perth.

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