4 Suggestions for Beginning to Make Your Life Better

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It’s a tragic fact of life that depression, anxiety, insecurity, and a host of other ills afflict the lives of many people, to the point of preventing them from seeing the light and make it harder for them to live life in a way that would counterbalance the inevitable hardships that we all have to face.

Depression and self-loathing are major issues in the lives of many people. Services like Relias Academy’s suicide prevention solutions can offer some help in this regard, and therapy sessions with a conscientious professional can do a world of good for some people, in some situations.

At a fundamental level, though, the ability to take steps to begin making your life better in everyday ways is often a major part of any effective solution, and of a pathway to enjoying a higher quality of life, generally.

Here are some tips for ways to begin taking steps to make your life better.

Allow yourself a bit of sympathy and comfort

Many people who are going through a hard time, emotionally and psychologically, are disproportionately hard on themselves. Instead of thinking “I’m having a hard time here, I think that I need to rest, give myself a bit of space, and find a way to take care of myself”, the reaction is all too often something like “I’m so stupid, why can’t I do anything right? What’s wrong with me?”

When you’re having a hard time and are experiencing deep emotional pain, you need to allow yourself a bit of sympathy and comfort. You should treat yourself in the same way you would treat a loved one who came to you for help, struggling with the same issues.

Just as you would hopefully be understanding and compassionate towards a loved one in that situation, so too should you be understanding and compassionate towards yourself.

Focus on living in a way that makes you proud of how you’ve conducted yourself

“Self-esteem” isn’t just an empty phrase, or some abstract quality that people either have or don’t have. “Self-esteem” means, essentially, liking and respecting yourself. And the way in which you choose to behave and conduct yourself in life can and does have a real impact on your self-esteem, even if you’re vastly overly self-critical.

Everyone has a sense of what traits they respect in others. Usually, you’ll respect and like someone who is truthful, who acts with courage, who sticks to their word, who refuses to gossip, and so on.

One of the greatest things you can do in order to improve your own life, is to focus on living in a way that makes you proud of how you’ve conducted yourself. In any given situation, try to choose the course of action that will make you feel proud of yourself, instead of mindlessly doing whatever feels good or easy at the time, but which makes you like yourself less down the line.

Come up with a system for managing your thoughts and tasks

It’s very difficult to significantly improve your life, if you don’t have a system in place for organising your thoughts and tasks, and determining what the most meaningful use of your time is in any given moment.

There are many organisational systems that people around the world have been able to use with great success, to improve their lives. There is David Allen’s famous “Getting Things Done” method, which can utilise digital tools, or physical files, books, and folders.

There are popular task management apps offered by major tech companies, such as Microsoft To Do. Then there are elegantly simple and streamlined solutions, such as Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system, which relies on using a paper notebook.

Where you’re using a physical book, or are relying on a digital tool, you need to find a system that you can reliably use to manage your thoughts and tasks.

Work to shed habits and break routines that bring you down

Often, the great tragedies of our lives are not simply a matter of failing to do the right thing, but are largely down to us habitually doing the wrong thing.

There’s a powerful concept in the world of habit management, known as the “keystone habit.”

A keystone habit is a habit which has a disproportionately large impact. It’s the first domino in a chain that impacts numerous other habits and lifestyle patterns at once. These keystone habits can be positive, but they can also be negative.

Try to identify the key habits in your life which seem to cause the most harm, and work hard to remove it from your life. Perhaps it’s drinking alcohol, hanging out with a certain person, or engaging with a certain pastime.

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