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5 Playful Ways To Design Your Child’s Bedroom

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Whether your child has grown out of his or her nursery or it’s simply time for someting new, there are many ways to have some fun with the redesign. Here are five of the best ways to express your kid’s playful side.

Embrace Color

With a child’s bedroom, you can be bolder and more daring when it comes to paint selection. Start with you son or daughter’s favorite colors and work with your Brentwood interior designer to find the right tones and balance.

Have Fun With Fabric

Patterns can be playful when mixed together by an expert hand. You can even incorporate beloved characters or emblems in accent pillows for a small and personal touch. For curtains, choose a fabric color or pattern that differs from the walls for some fun contrast.

Pick a Personalized Theme

A great theme can help a child embrace their passions and express their growing personality. A well-chosen motif can still be classic when implemented in the right ways. Let aspects that are easily change reflect your theme:

  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Wall art
  • Curtains
  • Small furniture pieces

Showcase Your Child’s Art

Sit down with your son or daughter and pick out the art pieces they’re most proud of. Frame them in sleek and sophisticated frames, allowing the playfulness of the drawing to shine through. You can even dedicate an entire wall, just like a gallery.

Incorporate a Mural

For some dramatic impact, bring in a professional artist to create a mural. A painting of this magnitude becomes a wow factor, with the potential to bring in all the themes and colors you’ve chosen. You can even accent portions of the mural with well-placed shelving.

To achieve the perfect balance without overdoing it, find interior designers in Malibu to help you discover yours and your child’s vision. The process and the result can both be a lot of fun.


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