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6 Men’s Fashion Trends You Should Notice This Winter

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Those nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air! Time to break out the winter wardrobe guys… But if you’re looking to stay warm while looking cool, this year’s winter trends should see you good.

Mens fashion for winter 2018/19 is totally on your side with some great style options. Also there are a few opportunities to break out some of that stuff that might be taking up wardrobe space.

Retro Jackets

Is Macklemore to blame for the Thrift Shop fashion that still influences our high street? Whoever it is, we’re happy to say that your old oversized jacket from the 70s is still very much on trend.

We’re talking chunky leather jackets with a wool trim, a chunky fleece from the 90s or those old school NFL team jackets that seem to be everywhere again.

Layer Up

Can’t decide what to wear? No problem, wear it all. Yup, this winter is all about the multiple layers so stack them up. Most catwalk shows over the year have been piling on the layers so if anyone asks why you’re wearing four shirts, tell them it’s because Fendi says so.

Lets just hope it is actually a cold winter or we could be getting a bit stuffy under there…

Wool is Good

We don’t wear enough wool. Seriously, wool is one of the best fabrics out there and people are waking up to its benefits this year. Chunky knit wool sweaters are always a great idea and if you’re going somewhere really cold, don’t forget those merino wool base layers.

But don’t restrict wool to the top half. Wool sneakers are a seriously good purchase if you’re looking to keep your feet warm and dry this winter. And like that woolly jumper, wool shoes are built to last.

Brown is the New Black

Autumnal colors add a little extra splash of detail to your outfit, so breaking away from black is a good thing. Tan leather jackets, camel colored macintosh coats, chunky brown boots, rust colored jeans. Whatever shade you choose, brown is all the rage this winter so make sure it features in at least part of your outfit…


OK not every guy looks good in a cardigan, but they do layer well (see the second point above). Choose a chunky knitted cardigan, ideally wooly in a neutral color like grey or light brown.

Newsboy Hat

Hat fashion tends to be cyclical (after all there are only so many styles of hat), but maybe the Peaky Blinders effect has boosted the appeal of the Newsboy. A bit like the flat cap, the Newsboy has a bit more of a raised profile and although it doesn’t suit everyone, it definitely has style.

Ideally, don’t line yours with razor blades like Cillian Murphy’s character Tommy Shelby…

Hopefully these six men’s fashion trends for 2018 will help you stay warm out there this winter!


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