8 Great Instagram Accounts for Women

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“Instagram is the worst social media for mental health.”

Ugh, we’ve probably all experienced reasons why this headline from TIME Magazine proves to be true. Depression, anxiety, a “compare and despair” attitude, inadequacy, FOMO… Sound familiar?

A Tool to Promote Wellness & Wellbeing

Instagram may just “be the worst,” but it’s also evolved into a powerful resource. By carefully curating your feed, your Instagram can become a personal place of positivity cultivated just for you. If your scrolls leave you feeling not good enough or you’re completely numb to its content anyway, then it’s time for a cleanse and to rebuild. The goal? To make connections that uplift you with good vibes and impactful takeaways. Live life with intention and mindfulness? How about scrolling intentionally and mindfully. These eight accounts can get you started.

Book Club – @reesesbookclubxhellosunshine

Check out your screen time in your phone’s settings. Is it looking a bit high? Trading in social media for reading can serve as a way to reshape your relationship with your screen. On Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine book club account, you’ll find a vibrant, colorful community of featured books to read and all the reasons why to curl up with a good book.

Money Talk – @thefinancialdiet

Financial health may not be the most exciting subject matter, but it’s critical to address. The Financial Diet is a place for women to come together to hit the topic of finances head on. Finances won’t seem as scary as you catch inspirational posts on finding a balance between pleasure/saving and tips on how to live a fulfilling life without overspending.

Shopping – @carlyjeanlosangeles

It’s hard to tell which small-business clothing brands on Instagram offer true quality, but you can trust that Carly Jean is legit. This LA-based online boutique offers mix-and-match basics for a classic wardrobe that can outlast the trends. Prices are reasonable. “Site busters” or special deals are constant, and its photos provide great outfits to mimic.

Being Your Own Boss Babe – @amway

Amway is a leading resource for those who want to start their own business and develope their entrepreneurial spirit. In a business world where more and more women are showing up and making power moves, Amway not only offers opportunity, but support. As an Instagram follower, you’ll find inspirational and motivational posts that encourage driven entrepreneurs with a passion for success and changing lives.

Cooking with Less – @spendpennies

Cooking is like working out. We know we should do it and it’s good for us. But sometimes, we just don’t feel like it… Cooking is a time-consuming process, from thinking of what to make, buying the ingredients and tackling the cleanup. And forget about those recipes that require 50 ingredients (20 that are herbs and spices). Spend With Pennies is all about “easy home-cooked comfort” meals, and her Insta is your recipe book.

For Empowerment – @msrachelhollis

Rachel Hollis is the real deal; she’s a No. 1 New York Times bestseller and founder and CCO of The Hollis Company. Besides being a social medial motivational maven, she’s also a speaker and podcast host. If you want some empowering, goal-setting and positive content that’s for the real woman, then she’s your next follow. Rachel is your biggest fan for becoming the best version of yourself.

Insta BFF – @chrissyteigan

With over 21 million followers, Chrissy Teigan has become an adored queen of Instagram. She’s a supermodel, cookbook author, former TV host, mom and wife to a musical legend. But Chrissy is also real and relatable. She’s the best friend of your dreams and was one of the most 25 most influential people on the Internet in 2017.

Exploration & Discovery – @natgeo

At Nat Geo, you can explore the world and discover more about our planet right at your fingertips. It’s visual storytelling, from wildlife and political issues to diverse cultures and global landmarks. See the world through the lens of the most talented photographers and learn something new every day.

Beyond selfies and vacation highlights, Instagram can serve a real purpose in your life. It’s just in your hands (literally) to shape it into your own community that brings meaning to your taps and scrolls, while positively impacting your life.

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